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  • Design of Racing and High-Performance Engines 2004-2013
    Cam chain Tensioners Summary of engine wear, gear pitting and piston cleanliness rating is reported in tables 4,and 5 … Overall, the candidate oil gave levels of wear similar to those observed on reference bike .
  • Dubbel
    … of the control loop large water room boiler Shell type steam of generator pit cooling installation Airconditioning … … reactors of nuclear fusion of power Nuclear to Nuclear fusion nuclear power stations chains and chain drives … … 60 tripping systems for airbag roll bar Q 46 utilization factor V, belt tensioners , 22 regulating out … Driving performance diagram Q 4 bicycles with auxiliary engine Q 43 driving stability Q 13 driving behavior …
  • Dictionary GeoTechnik / Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering
    [photogrammetry] Drehmoment(en)schlüssel m ● torque wrench (US), torque tensioner (Brit.); less frequently: torque measuring wrench … … n push-down, pressure handle-igniting machine f ● push-down (shot-)firing machine, blasting machine, push-down exploder, push-down blaster, push-down (blasting) battery push-down of ignition machine, push-down firer (shot), Druck(gruben)damm m ● pressurized (mine … … ⚒) ● dampy of dune f ● dune dune deposition f ● dune deposit dune construction m, dune structure f ● dune structure dune foot m ● dune base dune island f ● dune Iceland of dune chain f, dune series f … … covering threshold of cap f > of wood cap of cap f [foot and bicycle path on a …
  • Manual combustion engine
    To supply with lubricant is Kurbelwellen- and big end bearing the possibly piston spray nozzles for piston cooling, possibly existing hydraulic chain tensioners as well as that of components ordered in the cylinder head. often by individual cylinders of motorcycle motors … multistage processing generated a normalverteilte surface structure that means it exist equally many recesses like tips in …
  • Roloff / Matek machine elements
    By Ûberschreiten the locking bodies with the nut of (1) adjustable limit moment, compress (4) the plate springs (2) and slip from the recesses of the flange (5), the clutch slips. Rimostat slide hub with built-in sprocket on the working shaft of a gear motor image 13 … … the main drive by n1 > n2, as well as by helicopter drives and bicycle hubs and as … Often, the rolling bearing manufacturers provide, e.g., wheel storages, water pumps, belt tensioner the storage units …
  • Plastics
    … case bolt attempt 826 cutting energy 826 case attempt 168 fold edge strength 166 Farb- and additives 1042 color change 831 color the plastics (FNK) 1349 fading 1055 bicycle saddles 1042 1132 heat … … color envelope 509 color recess 733 fiber 1042 509 … Odor behavior 1057, 1319 skeleton chain 33 skeleton phase 434 total energy need 834 total fiber component … … 816 sintering bronze 961 sinters 66, 563 sintering processes 177 sisal 361, 1316 seat belt tensioners 975 .
  • Dubbel
    The release of the belt tensioners is electronically undertaken mechanically or in the most cases in dependence the accident severity. DIN 70 010 distinguishes motorcycles , motor scooters and bicycles with auxiliary engine. Rear wheels are about chains or are driven cardan shafts and predominantly in fork or in poor … … distribution (images 14, 15), de-watering and - lowering on building sites and the pit operation (image 16 …
  • Manual driver assistance systems
    Problem situations Exemplary to Abb. 46.25: ambiguity by strongly offset automobiles and motorcycles The introduction of automatic emergency braking in all known conversions, is the last step of an action chain and is triggered first when the previous warning stages without Brems- or steering reaction remained or no sufficient time is given by the mechanical … By vehicles with a reversible belt tensioner , proposes itself to use this also for warning. The recess of individual steps and the embodiment of the full iteration loop are debated in the following section by means of a practical example.
  • Manual mechanical engineering
    1 oil sucking basket 2 oil pump 3 oil relief valve 4 thermostat in the filter housing 5 oil filter insert 6 bypass valve 7 air oil cooler 9 chain tensioners 10 camshaft wheel-outlet 11 camshaft-outlet 12 camshaft wheel-inlets … Use in sport car, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles to ensure answering lubrication by rapid cornerings or … The sheet metal through Nachstrecken is formed Einpoltern of hand from the outside or durch the recesses of the molding block.
  • Vaulters lexicon physiotherapy
    … in the region of the scar tissue possibly heat therapy, MTT, Aqua running, bicycle -Ergometer exercise. ƒ … … exercise i.S. of the rhythmic stabilization in the closed and open movement chain (under inclusion of … … exercise, axial correction, by sustained problem more careful, static strengthening; Etym: lat: tensor, tensioner / fascia, Faszie … … omoclaviculare * Trigonum femoral nt (E of femoral triangle); Syn: leg triangle; the TriPartite pit on the proximal …