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  • Fundamentals Of Ultrasonic plastic welding
    An understanding of ultrasonic welders helps designers apply this assembly method efficiently. Actuator shown is used for semiautomatic or fully automated CNC plastic-welding applications and includes a converter and booster horn. Modular press system for manual ultrasonic plastic welding includes
  • Laser Staking Securely Joins Plastic Parts for Printed-Circuit Boards
    as laser plastic welding. A material transparent to the laser beam is joined to a material which absorbs the laser energy. The absorbed energy is transmitted as heat through the absorbing material and melts both the absorber and the transparent layer through conduction. The technique is sometimes referred
  • Automation Speeds Clear-Plastic Welding
    Laser welding is a viable alternative to more-conventional methods for joining plastics, and in recent years techniques have been developed to weld even clear materials. Manufacturing advances, including inkjet and tabletop dispensers, now make this a viable alternative in low and high-production
  • The weak link in reinforced nylons
    easily into complicated mold shapes including those with thinner sections. And thinner-walled parts lower cooling and cycle times and cut product weight. But simply having the ability to fill every mold nook and cranny with plastic or weld two molded parts together isn't enough. Melt flows must also
  • Automotive Manufacturing: Quality or Quantity, Why Not Have Both?
    TS Trim Industries, manufacturer of interior door panels for Honda Accords, Civics, and CRV's, produces over 3,400 sets of door panels a day. They have a manufacturer, Sinto located in Japan, that contains 10 automated assembly machines that ultrasonically weld components to the plastic panels
  • Bonding low surface energy plastics
    3M Scotch-Weld Structural Plastic Adhesive DP-8005 bonds thermoplastic composites such as this hollow railing. The railing is said to be stiffer than most woods. Surface wetting affects contact area and the degree of adhesion between adhesives and bonding surfaces. 3M Scotch-Weld Structural Plastic
  • Medical Device Link .
    Microwelder Provides 2- m Position Resolution in Plastic Assembly Assembly of plastic microfluidic components has been facilitated with the introduction by Leister Technologies LLC of its Novolas laser welding system. The patented system combines a diode laser, precision mask, and fully
  • Shedding New Light On Tiny Packages
    Welds 0.1 mm wide? No problem. Recent laser transmission welders join plastic components with unprecedented precision. These micrographs show seams made with the mask welding procedure. The gray shaded area is welded. A MEMS silicon mass flow sensor contains a highly sensitive thermal anemometer

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