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  • PVC materials with sorption-active surface of ethanol cyclam nanofilms
    EXPERIMENTAL PVC plates, PVC porous blocks and cotton and syn- theticfabricswithPVCcoatingsinwhichsurfacelayersare transformed into sorption-active nanofilms, were obtained by means of interactions between the monoethanolamine- basedreagentwithPVCplateswithapartiallyunstructured surface, PVC gels, and synthetic or cotton fabrics with a layer of PVC gel on the … Samples of transparent plates of PVC plastified by phthalic acid esters of the known size and mass …
  • Cellulose fabric covered with a PVC coating filled with active carbon and a porous semiconductor layer with conductivity depending on adsorption coverage and s...
    … compare the characteristics to similar parameters of the system based on the cellulose fabric covered with a … Kind I systems were synthesized from cotton gauze, PVC powder plastified with phthalic acid esters (Ger many), pure THF, pure benzyl alcohol, and active car bon of ART 1 grade with a specific resistance of 60 Ω g.
  • Comparative study of the toxicity of combustion products from flame retardant and untreated materials
    K l = Wall covering, plastified PVC; phthalate placti- cizers (d = 2.10; D = 410). T1 = Wall covering: mixed fabric : 58% cotton , 42% flax, approximately 260 g mP2.
  • Applied Adhesive Bonding
    Films of plastified polyvinyl chloride (PVC-flexible) are often used for the manu- facturing of recreation-oriented … … strength of the bonded joint is poorer than that of the coated fiber fabric , and thus the … • Do not touch surface with your hands after surface treatment ( cotton gloves .
    … s-triazine reactive disperse dye to generate hydroxymethyl which had etherification reaction with cotton in carbon dioxide … Thus, the supercritical car- bon dioxide could plastify polypropylene fiber effec- tively, and help the disperse dye … Liao et al. [55] studied 450 d × 500 d polypropy- lene fabric , the microscopical analysis of …
  • High Power Diode Lasers
    … cooled heat sinks, 94, 95, 96 Conventional finishing, 423 Conventional machining, 412 Conventional milling, 423 Conversion efficiency, 18 Cooling fluid, 96 Copper, 337, 390 Corrected far-field, 58–59, 67–68 Corrosion, 98, 99 Costs, 336, 399, 400 Cotton fabric , 396, 397, 398 Crack … … 312, 315, 326 Vertical waveguide structure, 12–14 Vicat softening temperature, 380 Viscosity of plastified (molten) thermoplastics, 376 …
    ' plastified ' … and becomes hard, it is necessary to work quickly to prevent abrasion and damage to the fabric . cotton duck, primed on one side with a white acrylic gesso.
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers
    Plastify adj To soften a thermoplastic resin or compound by means of heat alone, as in sheet … Plated vt (14c) (1) A term to describe a fabric that is produced from two yarns of … MF, fr. pli fold, fr. plier to fold] (1873) A cotton , rayon, or acetate fabric with a …
  • Dictionary GeoTechnik / Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering
    … engineer, that is charged with planning and execution of creations] zone f ● plastified zone plasticization f … plastic explosive charge f > of (Spreng) sliming charge plastic mixture of explosive material f > (Spreng)Schlämmegemisch plastic … … m ● railway line (Brit.), railroad line (US) Schiessarbeit(en) f(pl) ● shooting work nitro cellulose .
  • Handbook of Lubricants
    Uses: Thermostatic fluid; dielectric fluids; antiblotting prods for photocopying machines; thinning, plastifying agent for RTVs, silicone sealants … Uses: Lubricant for bleaching or dyeing cotton or blends in jet processes Features: Provides protection against crack … … to enhance sewability by increasing needle lubricity and improving tear str. for various fabrics Features: Exc. whiteness …