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    Trying to increase the height of the structure however with the single podium design would only worsen the stability. … wheelbase by removing the central wheel on the iRobot Create and projecting two caster wheels out to …
  • Deciphering the early evolution of echinoderms with C ambrian fossils
    The ambulacra, which form part of the body wall, consist of paired floor plates (Fig. 3C), with alter- nating pits for the tube feet podia , and multiple sheets of cover plates. … ambulacra converge, with the anus situated at the upper pole (Dur- ham and Caster 1963; Paul and …
  • CR4 - Thread: How Did All of You Start Your Journey in Electrical n Electronics World?
    I did it ( with a LOT of help of course) and made a control console from an old wood speaker's podium (painted silver to look metal and thus more appropriate for a robot). The robot had 3 wheels (furniture casters ) and moved forward only on a single rubber drive wheel …
    chairs, tables, podiums and freestanding marker boards equipped with casters that allow them to be easily rolled .
  • WNGlosses (\
    … tensile_strength_N|3 sentinel_N|2 picket_N|7 cucumber_N|16 pickle_V|17 tailboard_N|1 dressy_J|1 overlook_V|9 occasional_J|1 supporting_structure_N|9 saint_lawrence_river_N|8 pier_glass_N|1 block_of_metal_N|1 coin_bank_N|1 spearhead_N|2 pikestaff_N|1 bayonet_N|3 pile_V|7 pillar-shaped_J|1 letter_box_N|2 mark_out_V|2 meteorological_balloon_N|1 preakness_N|3 diphenylbutyl_piperidine_N|1 pin_V|7 flagpole_N|1 break_ with _V|1 pinball_N|1 pin_curl_N|1 visken_N|1 … … pizza_N|3 innocuous_J|1 place_setting_N|1 intertwine_V|8 caster _N|2 fingertip_N|4 drawing_board_N|2 topographical_J|3 … … unroofed_J|1 gnomon_N|1 retaining_wall_N|1 deface_V|3 raisable_J|1 sunburn_N|4 terrace_N|4 take_advantage_V|16 mica_N|12 mainframe_computer_N|1 electronic_network_N|1 oil_tanker_N|1 pedestal_N|1 podium _N|1 outer_boundary_N|3 scriber_N|1 …
  • Popular Products In Office Machines - Big Bruin
    The convenient presentation station doubles as a podium and is mobile so you can use it from … 3 casters (2 locking). • Opticon OPI2201 Barcode Scanner White with Auto Focus Imager USB (Comm Emulation) Interface .
    … channels its branches, and the lateral depres- sions would house the ampullaethat served the podia (Fig. 4e). Among other echino- derms the analogy is clearly with the ophiuroid arm. After Caster , 1968,fig. 376 andpublishedwith permissionof the GeologicalSocietyof America and the University of Kansas.
  • Designing integrated information facilities to support electronic meetings
    … e.g.. text or graphics),multi-media presentation support, teleconferencing concerns, and provision of an electronic podium . … a range of 25 to 30 inches above the floor (or else have with it a height … … edge on the seat pan which tilts downward, and 6. be fitted with casters suited to the …
  • The Origin of the Chordates
    The earliest known echinoderms, the carpoids (Heterostelea),the Helicoplacoidea (Dur- ham and Caster 1963),the Ctenocystoidea (Robison … … of food grooves or an ambulacral system in carpoids, but “food grooves” fied with a triradiate stage … … outgrowth along each of the food-grooves, followed by the evolu- tion of podia extending out through …
  • Hydromechanical considerations on the evolution and diversification of the echinoderm bauplans
    Accordingly the ambulacral podia developed a sucker so that finally the body could either detach from the … Evolutionary scenarios have to be reconstructed with regard to constraints provided by the functional design of the … Beaver, H. H., Caster , K. E., Durham, J. W., Fay, R. O., Fell, H. B., Kesling, R …

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