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    Sheaves - (142 companies)
    Sheaves are grooved wheels or pulleys used with rope or chain to change the direction and point of application of pulling force. There are many different types of products. Often, suppliers categorize sheaves by materials of construction...
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  • V-Belt Pulleys-Image
    V-Belt Pulleys - (214 companies)
    V-belt pulleys or sheaves mate with drive belts in numerous power transmission applications. They are made in many configurations such as tension idlers and variable speed/ratio pulleys. V-belt pulleys (also called vee belt sheaves) are devices...
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  • V-ribbed Pulleys-Image
    V-ribbed Pulleys - (32 companies)
    V-ribbed pulleys or sheaves have a series of V-shaped ribs that mate with V-ribbed belts. They are used in numerous power transmission applications. V-ribbed belts are efficient, cost-effective, and designed for non-critical ratio drives...
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  • V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts-Image
    V-Belts and V-Ribbed Belts - (375 companies)
    ...manufactured as one closed loop. Open-ended belts come in a roll and may be cut and spliced to desired length and number of teeth. V-belts and V-ribbed belts may be banded together for multi-sheave drives. The number of bands or ribs should...
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  • Pulley Blocks-Image
    Pulley Blocks - (127 companies)
    Pulley blocks are assemblies that consist of a hook or shackle, swivel, bearing, sheaves, sprockets, pins and frame. They are suspended by a hoisting rope or load chain and are designed for a variety of lifting applications. Pulley blocks often use...
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    Alignment Lasers - (18 companies)
    Alignment Lasers are lasers that create an extremely accurate reference point, line, or shape for aligning machines in industrial processes.
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    ISO Roller Chain Sprockets - (186 companies)
    Roller chain sprockets engage chain drives in power transmission and conveyor systems, though sprockets can engage any perforated material. Chain drives can produce a mechanical advantage as speed reducers/increasers. ISO sprockets are designed to engage British Standard Chain and conform to ISO standard R606. These sprockets are not interchangable with ANSI defined sprockets.
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    Wire Rope and Mechanical Cable - (424 companies)
    ...and core type. The size of the pulley, sheave, or drum determines the maximum diameter of the rope or cable that can be fed through the transit or fitting. With control cables, diameter usually refers to the overall conduit or outer casing dimension...
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    ANSI Roller Chain Sprockets - (259 companies)
    Roller chain sprockets engage chain drives in power transmission and conveyor systems, though sprockets can engage any perforated material. Chain drives can be highly efficient and can produce a mechanical advantage as speed reducers/increasers. Sprockets conforming to ANSI standard B 29.1 are not meant to engage roller chains of any other parameter. ANSI conforming roller chain is smaller and somewhat weaker than its European counterpart.
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    Conveyor Sprockets - (91 companies)
    Conveyor sprockets (mill sprockets, engineering class sprockets, engineered sprockets) are used in conjunction with conveyor chains or conveyor belts.
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  • Shaving machine tools
    The drive can be carried out either directly through a rotating current motor or indirectly over following gears: • belt gear with replaceable pulleys ( Poly-V ), • toothed belt gear, • planet gear, • helical gear.
  • Wild Harmonic Bundles and Wild Pure Twistor D-modules
    X(D), corresponding to the sheaves L • poly(V∗, D), L • poly ( V , h(T ) ) and L .
  • Design of technical products, product programs and - systems
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  • Urology
    The Urethrozystoskopie plays no primary role in the initial diagnosis by traumatic injuries in the frame of Poly traumas or road accidents, an important diagnostic agent is however at iatrogenen intraoperativen violations v.a. after incontinence operations and by women that a …
  • Paediatrics
    In the child and youth age, play the nichtgenetisch conditional metabolic Poly neuropathies v. a. by the chronic renal insufficiency and by Diabetes mellitus a roller .
  • Therapy of inner diseases
    Here, the Poly grandmother-BK virus plays the viral infections simplex through herpes and v.a. through Zytomegalievirus (CMV) a special roller .
  • Control the crossing over of the temperature-determined Allozykliegrad and of the α- heterochromatin of the X chromosome by Phryne of cincta
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  • Subindex of the video tapes 102-120
    Nonanal, detection in Citronen51 (Ikeda Vannier, roller , and Stanley) 120, 59 Nonox DPPD, antioxidant in poly / ~ thylen, determination method ( v. d. heath and Wouters) 11T, 130 .

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