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    Pallets - (540 companies)
    Pallets are platforms used for storage and transportation of goods. They are available in various sizes and materials to serve many applications. Custom applications for pallets include 55-gallon drum, tapered drum, export, display, and dairy...
    Pallet Length x Width
    Pallet Jack Entry
    Fork Tine Entry
  • Shrink Wrap and Stretch Films-Image
    Shrink Wrap and Stretch Films - (493 companies)
    Shrink wrap and stretch films are used to hold items together in packaging and palleting applications. Shrink wrap and stretch films hold items together in packaging and palleting applications. Shrink wrap and stretch films are lightweight...
  • Palletizers and Depalletizers-Image
    Palletizers and Depalletizers - (331 companies)
    Palletizers place goods on pallets in an orderly fashion. Palletizers are machines that place goods and packages onto pallets. Depalletizers remove packages from pallets. Palletizers and depalletizers are frequently custom configured to meet...
    Pallet Dispensers - (27 companies)
    Pallet dispensers are pallet storage receptacles that also distribute pallets to optimize palleting activites, floor space, and pallet life, as well as reduce manual collection efforts and improve safety. Pallet dispensers distribute individual...
    Polystyrene Resins and Styrene Copolymers - (49 companies)
    Polystyrene is a synthetic aromatic polymer that can be rigid, foamed, or an integral part of a copolymer. Copolymers includes systems such as high impact polystyrene (HIPS) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), which have wide use due...
    Pallet Jacks - (307 companies)
    Pallet jacks or pallet trucks are used to short-haul pallets or other large items of freight. A piston raises the load enough for the operator to maneuver the cargo; these devices may be derive power from manual, electric, or petrol sources...
    Packaging Machines - (2303 companies)
    ...include: aerosol containers, bags and pouches, blister packs, bottles and jars, cartons and boxes, cans, capsules, cartridges, cases, cups and trays, drums, kegs and pails, pallets and intermediate bulk containers (IBC), tubes, and vials. Closing...
    Plastic Molding Services - (2530 companies)
    ...polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Engineering grade resins are more difficult to process than other graded resins, but have characteristics that make them desirable for specialized use. Widely used engineering...
    Totes and Bins - (322 companies)
    ...for heavy-duty use and are available in many different shapes and sizes. Others are equipped with molded-in legs. Smaller totes are often stackable. Larger totes may have casters, or be equipped with entries or openings for use with pallet jacks. Totes...
    Elastomers and Rubber Compounds - (540 companies)
    Elastomers and rubber materials are characterized by their high degree of flexibility and elasticity (high reversible elongation or resilience).

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    … Institute 1627 K Street, N.W., Suite 800 Washington, DC 20006 202-887-4850 National Electrical Manufacturers Association 1300 N. 17th … … National Wooden Pallet & Container Association 1800 … … 7667 Polystyrene Packaging Council 1801 K …
  • Sorting and expansion of murine embryonic stem cell colonies using micropallet arrays
    … similar coating protocol was used for the PDMS collection chambers constructed on regular polystyrene tissue culture dishes … For experiments involving fluorescence analysis of gela- tin-coated 1002F pallets , a 0.025% gelatin solution was labeled and purified using an Alexa Fluor 633 protein labeling kit fol- lowing the manufacturer ’s instructions.
  • Canada - Federal - Consultation Document on the Proposed Risk Management Instrument for Products Containing Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs)
    In 2005, a PBDE technical and socio-economic report estimated that electronic enclosures (housings and casings made of high-impact polystyrene [HIPS]) accounted for approximately 80% of DecaBDE use … … shift in the use profile for this substance: manufacturers of electronics and mattresses … … textiles, electrical and electronic equipment, and construction/ industrial (e.g., new uses such as plastic shipping pallets ).
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    Disposable Pallets: Computer manu­ facturers turn to lightweight, dispos­ able pallets as an efficient, economical substitute for wood pallets to ship products such as computers, printers and other big ticket items. Both IBM and Electronic Associates, Inc., Long Branch, N.J. use Spur's reinforced polystyrene pallet.
  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology 3rd Edition Complete Document
    … Formulary natural kraft nanometer (10 9 meter) National Motor Freight Classification Committee n-octyl n-decyl adipate National Printing Ink Research Institute National Safe Transit Association National Wooden Pallet and Container Association ohm … … polyester oriented polypropylene oriented polystyrene Occupational Safety and Health … … SCF SCR SIC SMC SMMA SP Packaging Materials Poly(methyl methacrylate) Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute polypropylene parts …
  • Green Building Materials: A Guide to Product Selection and Specification
    Aggregates for use in concrete include normal sand and gravel, crushed stone, expanded clay, expanded shale, expanded slate, pelletized or extruded fly ash, expanded slag, perlite, vermiculite, expanded polystyrene beads, or processed clay, diatomite, pumice, scoria, or tuff. The quantity and type of recycled materials vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and include: cellulose, fiberglass, polystyrene …
  • Modern Plastics Handbook > Plastics Recycling and Biodegradable Plastics
    Polymers used include low- and high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene , and PVC, along with commingled plastics. This mix has been investigated by a plastic lumber manufacturer for use as a core layer in plastic lumber for pallets .
  • New products machine devices and working method
    … Macro lex blue RR, Macro-lexgriin G and Macro lex black B have extended the range of the @Macro-lex-Farbstoffe about the marks Macro lex yellow 3G and a rounded dye pallet fur offers now polystyrene the transparent Einfarbung of … Manufacturer : Bayer AG, Leverkusen [TK-l12] .
  • Äquidensiten as aid by the evaluation of the networking process of an epoxy resin
    … Macro lex blue RR, Macro-lexgriin G and Macro lex black B have extended the range of the @Macro-lex-Farbstoffe about the marks Macro lex yellow 3G and a rounded dye pallet fur offers now polystyrene the transparent Einfarbung of … Manufacturer : Bayer AG, Leverkusen [TK-l12] .
  • Environmental impacts from PET packaging waste management using Life Cycle Assessment: A case study in China
    … output of major packaging materials is increasing every year with the number of manufacturer is growing also … Such studies focused on the comparison of the environmental performance of PLA, PET and PS clamshell containers [2], of the environmental performance of pallets made of different materials [3], of … … packages in Brazil [5], and of polystyrene and recycled paper for …