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  • Polyurethane Pultrusion Application Successes with Large Profiles
    Polyurethane resin technology for pultrusion was first introduced in the late 1990's as an option that promoted elimination of continuous strand mat due to the exceptional strength and toughness of the resin matrix. All-roving reinforced pultrusions using low pressure injection or low volume wet
  • Polyurethane Composites: A Versatile Thermo-Set Polymer Matrix for a Broad Range of Applications. Mechnical Analysis on Pultruded Laminates.
    Polyurethane resin is currently a minor player in the composite industry, with unsaturated. polyesters and epoxies having the largest shares among thermosetting materials1. . However, the. outlook for this chemistry is positive due to the quest for fast, automated and quality composite. production
  • Hungry for large parts? Try a composite sandwich
    , producing both an inner and outer skin. Reinforcement fibers are then attached to the inner surface of each skin. These formed skins are then transferred to a matched die mold, where they are held in place. When the die is closed, a cavity is created between the two surfaces. Polyurethane resin
  • Medical Device Link . Specialty Compounds for Medical Applications: An Introduction
    the information presented should be helpful in the production of any polymer-based device, the discussion is particularly geared toward compounds for catheters and other medical tubing products. Depending on the precise application, a typical starting resin might be PVC, thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Medical Device Link .
    Polyurethane Thin-Film Welding for Medical Device Applications Manufacturers seeking to replace PVC or latex must understand how bonding processes affect materials. Polyurethane Film as an Alternative to PVC and Latex Thermoplastic films have been used in flexible medical product applications since
  • Medical Device Link .
    The process for manufacturing bump tubing is similar to any extruded tubing process. An extrudable compound or resin must be brought to a desirable moisture level. This is accomplished by holding the material in a hopper with heated, desiccant dried air for a specific time. This is necessary
  • Dielectric Materials for Use in Radomes
    to eliminate dielectric framework scattering and wall insertion loss. [5]. Fabrication of such radomes generally involves layup or prepreg methods where a resin reinforced laminate material is bound to low or medium density polyurethane foam. Choice of layup or prepreg materials can vary depending
  • Medical Device Link . The Effects of High-Energy and EtO Sterilization on Thermoplastics
    ), and engineering thermoplastic polyurethane (ETPU). The resins listed in Table I were molded into standard ASTM Type 1 tensile bars (16.5 x 1.27 x 0.32 cm) and impact disks (5.08 cm diam x 0.32 cm thick). All resins were injection molded on the same machine using the manufacturer's recommended molding

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