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    Laboratory Freezers - (125 companies)
    Laboratory freezers are designed for storing critical materials that demand a constant temperature and security. They include units for freezing blood plasma and other blood products, as well as laboratory equipment for storing vaccines and other...
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  • Refrigerators and Freezers (industrial)-Image
    Refrigerators and Freezers (industrial) - (279 companies)
    ...into the freezer. A deep freezer is designed for the quick-freezing and long-term storage of food. A propane refrigerator uses propane gas to supply the energy needed for cooling. A portable freezer uses a 12V DC power supply and can operate at non-upright...
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  • Handheld and Portable Computers-Image
    Handheld and Portable Computers - (397 companies)
    Handheld computers are portable devices including notebook and subnotebook computers, palmtops, and PDAs. Image Credit: Bartec US Corp. | PHOENIX CONTACT USA | Liquid Controls Group; a Unit of IDEX Corporation. Handheld and portable computers...
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    Ground Protection Mats and Portable Roadway - (10 companies)
    Ground protection mats and portable roadways are temporary material installations that reduce damage to underlying surfaces from traffic and also provide better traction for equipment and individuals. Ground protection mats and portable roadway...
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  • Laboratory Refrigerators-Image
    Laboratory Refrigerators - (102 companies)
    Laboratory refrigerators are used to cool samples or specimens for preservation. They include refrigeration units for storing blood plasma and other blood products, as well as vaccines and other medical or pharmaceutical supplies. They differ from...
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    Refrigerant Recovery Machines - (22 companies)
    Refrigerant recovery machines are used to remove refrigerants from cooling equipment according to EPA standards. Technicians use these devices before maintaining or repairing air conditioners, freezers or refrigerators. The refrigerant is recovered...
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    Digital Thermometers - (502 companies)
    Digital thermometers are portable temperature sensing devices that have permanent probes and a digital display. How to Select Digital Thermometers?. What are Digital Thermometers?. Digital thermometers are temperature-sensing instruments...
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    Light Towers - (61 companies)
    Light Towers are portable lighting devices that are used to illuminate work areas. These products are commonly towable and provide their own power source. Light towers are portable lighting solutions containing an array of electric lamps affixed...
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    Work Lights - (56 companies)
    Work lights are portable luminaires that provide illumination to dark and dim work zones. Work lights are portable luminaires employed in places with dim or no illumination. These are temporary, versatile devices that enable activities when daylight...
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    Sampling Pumps - (78 companies)
    Sampling pumps are used to monitor liquids, air, and gases. They are usually portable and developed for specific tasks. Some sampling pumps are designed to move abrasive materials, acids, chemicals, coolants, hazardous materials, gasoline, diesel...
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  • HARPS | Full text | Leapfrog diagnostics: Demonstration of a broad spectrum pathogen identification platform in a resource-limited setting
    For cold storage, the laboratory was equipped with two 57 liter AcuTemp AX56L/HemaCool mobile refrigerator/freezers (AcuTemp, Dayton, OH), four Fridge-Freeze 60 liter portable vaccine refrigeration units (two freezers and two refrigerators) with ability to be powered with 12/24-volt DC or 110/240-volt …
  • Investigation of Foot and Mouth Disease hotspots in northern Lao PDR
    Blood samples were collected by jugular venipunc- ture, but in the absence of a portable centrifuge, blood was left to clot on standing, and separated serum was … … tubes within 24 h of collection and kept on ice until a freezer was available. All sampled ani- mals were vaccinated with a trivalent inactivated FMD vac- cine containing type O, A and Asia1 antigens (AFTOVAXÒ , .
  • Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Eleventh Edition > SOURCES OF ENERGY
    Typical applications of thermoelectric coolers include electronic circuit cooling, small-capacity ice makers, and dew-point hygrometers, small refrigerators, freezers , portable coolers or heaters, etc. These devices make it possible to preserve vaccines , medicines, etc., in remote areas and in third world …
    cycles), freezer storage space required becomes extremely important, as well as cold room space during the thawing … The CryoVessel (Figure 5) is "a portable jacketed, stainless steel freeze-thaw vessel for cryopreservation of biopharmaceuticals, vaccines , blood products, and gene therapy products" 8 These vessels are available in volumes ranging from 20L to 500L.
  • Recorders / Dickson
    Long Life Battery Operation -- easy-to-use and portable for refrigerators, freezers , or any location. VFC70 - 4" Vaccine Chart Recorder, 0 to +70°F .
  • Medical Monitoring and Alarming at a Glance
    … medical monitoring and alarming with the I-Plug-Plus temperature loggers which help safeguard their vaccine supplies. • Medical Refrigerator and Freezer Data Loggers • Portable Data Loggers .
  • Temperature / Systems
    MadgeTechs Vaccine Temperature Monitoring System (VTMS) is ideal for the continuous measurement and data logging of temperature sensitive vaccines or pharmaceuticals in refrigerators, freezers , and coolers. … 0.3% reading, Stability ±0.5°C, Aperture Ø 25 mm, Emissivity better than 0.99, Semi- Portable .
  • The Dickson Company
    CDC-recommended continuous data recorders tell you how long vaccine temps were out of range. Long Life Battery Operation -- easy-to-use and portable for refrigerators, freezers , or any location.
  • Sunrise for energy harvesting products
    Naps’ flagship model, the Vaccine Fridge CFS49IS System, has a 49-liter freezer and four solar modules generating 50 watts each. Batteries for portable radios are either too expensive or unavailable.
  • SANYO And BD Biosciences Collaborate To Offer Researchers Valuable Technology And Research Tools
    … quality and speed of diagnosing infectious diseases, and advancing research and discovery of new drugs and vaccines . Product lines include space-efficient VIP® ultra-low temperature freezers , cryogenic freezers, pharmaceutical and medical refrigerators, cell culture incubators, plant growth chambers, and portable autoclaves.