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  • True Position Measurement
    multiple measurement steps and mathematical calculations. Portable CMM technology can alleviate much of this work by allowing the user to fix the part in one spot, take several points to create an alignment of x- and y- axes, and measure the bore. Software is then able to determine the position
  • Position Sensor Technology Comparison
    Position feedback sensors for hydraulic. or pneumatic cylinders have used one of three. traditional technologies: magnetostrictive, variable. resistance, and variable inductance sensors. While other sensor technologies have occasionally. been used successfully in this application,. the focus
  • The third derivative of position is jerk
    . Like most students, I learned to use calculus by rote. This issue of our magazine is a special supplement on motion control, and where would motion control be without calculus? The most vivid recollection I have of college calculus is how it reveals the relationships between position, velocity
  • Bi-directional Incremental Position Display
    A system is needed which will track the position of a bi-directional linear-motion platform. and allow the user to select a home or zero position. The display should read in inches. and indicate the position of the platform at all times.
  • Magnetostrictive Position Transducers in Medical Applications
    Magnetostrictive position transducers are non-contact, absolute reading, and have essentially infinite resolution. The non-contact nature of this technology means that there are no rubbing or sliding parts to wear out, and assures an unlimited service life for the position transducer. High
  • Using Photodetectors for Position Sensing (.pdf)
    Applications are expanding rapidly in the use of electro-optical instruments to measure angle, distance, heights, centering, surface uniformity, and other parameters related to position sensing. Applications also include dynamic measurements such as vibration and dynamic balancing, which require
  • No contact means no headaches in position transducing
    Novotechnik's noncontacting position sensor operates on the principle of capacitively coupling an ac voltage from a resistive track to a moving probe. The probe picks up a voltage signal that is proportional in amplitude to the probe's position along the track, shown as V versus X. Voltage
  • Sensor Sense: Cylinder-Position Sensors
    Cylinder-position sensors are used in pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. They determine the home and end stroke of the piston head within the cylinder. The difficulty lies in detecting the position of the piston within its cylindrical housing. Magnets placed within the piston head let magnetic

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