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  • Pharmaceutical Powder Flow Characterization: Small Volume Testing Needed
    There is a saying: Go big or go home. But not when dealing with sample testing of pharmaceutical powders. Then the saying is: Waste not, want not. In the cutthroat world of Big Pharma, staying one step ahead of the competition is imperative. Research to create the next new drug is a costly endeavor
  • Application Note: Brownie Mix
    A Brookfield Powder Flow Tester, equipped with Powder. Flow Pro software for automated instrument control and. data acquisition, was used to test this name brand brownie. mix.
  • Powder Consolidation: Why It's a Problem and How to Solve It (.pdf)
    Tablet making machines can suddenly jam in the middle a high speed production run. What's the reason? One cause is the consolidation of the powder in the feed hopper which means that the cohesive strength of the powder to stick together is stronger than the force of gravity driving it down
  • Fine Powder Design - Flow Rate Control (.pdf)
    conditions. Flow rate limitations are often severe and it is difficult to tell the difference between a slow flow rate limited condition and a cohesive hang-up. Fine powders have two flow modes under gravity feed conditions. If there is enough gas entrained in the material, then the bulk solid becomes
  • Powder Metal Designs Win PowderMet 2009 Awards
    Advanced Materials Technologies Pte LLC, Best Access Systems - Stanley Security Solutions, A steel manifold, lockset refractor, all-terrain-vehicle transmission parts, an air nozzle, and a fiber-optic connector all garnered honors in the 2009 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards Competition
  • Powder Rheology Using A Novel Friction Tool Measuring System
    Rheology is defined as the science of flow and deformation of. matter. Rheological instrumentation and measurements have. become essential tools in the analytical laboratories of companies. for characterizing ingredients and final products, as well as for predicting. product performance
  • NBE Automated Bag Discharger Provides Loss-in-weight Feeding of Various Food Ingredients in a Safe and Efficient Manner.
    A multi-national household products conglomerate had an application to introduce a dry powder, methyl cellulose, into a liquid mix tank without agglomerates or fisheyes. Methyl cellulose is a finely divided, extremely hygroscopic powder that has poor flow properties. It is used as a thickening
  • Granulating Spray Dried Powders
    Problem: While mixing ingredients in solution and spray drying into a fine powder creates a very uniform blend, the fine cohesive nature of many spray dried powders often creates problems in dustiness, flow-ability, and dissolution in downstream processes. In this particular situation, a powder

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