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  • Getting up to speed with wrap-spring clutch/brakes
    No-slip clutch/brakes keep loads and drives synced up. A tape nip uses a motor and belt drive to power the input hub of a wrap-spring clutch/brake. The tape accurately pays out in increments determined by the number and location of stops on the stop collar. Wrap-spring clutch/brakes work at speeds
  • Pulse and Hold Power Management
    Acro Associates' solenoid pinch valves employ a spring-loaded linear actuator to control motion of the pinching surfaces. Most linear solenoid actuators are closing-the-air-gap devices, where the force characteristics vary substantially throughout the stroke. Generally, actuators are designed so
  • Piezo Buzzer & Magnetic Buzzer
    A piezo buzzer generates sound because of the piezoelectric effect from the piezoelectric ceramic which drives the metallic diaphragm to vibrate. A magnetic buzzer is based on the electromagnetic principle, the metal diaphragm is pulled when input the power, and spring back without power.
  • Power Plant Thermography-Wide Range of Applications
    A Midwest nuclear power plant utilizes 345 kV oil circuit breakers (OCBs) rated at 2,000 amps with an interrupting capacity of 63,000 amps. OCBs are independent-pole, pneumatically operated breakers: air to close; spring to open. A hot spot was identified on the test tap cover of the A phase
  • Computer Power User Article - Mainstream Mayhem
    GPU: ATI Radeon X1800 GTO; GPU Clock: 500MHz; Pixel Shader Units: 12; Vertex Shader Units: 8; Frame Buffer: 256MB; Memory Clock: 495MHz (990MHz DDR); Memory Bandwidth: 31.7GBps; Outputs: DVI/DVI; Video-In/Video-Out: Yes/Yes; Multi-GPU Support: Yes (CrossFire) When Nvidia unveiled its spring
  • Power Wiring, Made Easy
    quick and user-friendly connection options for the wiring of large conductors of up to 150 mm2 with high-current spring-cage terminals (Figure 1, lead image).
  • Computer Power User Article - Controllers On Parade
    fault with this little wonder. Sleek, comfortable, and sublimely flexible, the ShuttlePRO is a shortcut lover's dream. With an inner jog wheel surrounded by a spring-loaded shuttle ring surrounded by 15 buttons, you can map just about any function. The bundled software makes quick work of applying
  • Computer Power User Article - What's Happening
    . The peek-a-boo drives should be available before the spring for $349.99. Media Storage & Serving Goes Plug & Play Plugging any USB storage device into the new Linksys router turns it into a media-serving network drive. Among the many schemes for home media
  • Computer Power User Article - Software Tips & Projects
    the tracks you need for portable viewing to a player. So, to do this, we ll use the DVD Decrypter software as our example ). (And although the developers stopped updating and distributing this program last spring, version is still available online.) Start up the program and pop in your DVD
  • Computer Power User Article - Water For First-Timers
    , to the waterblock, which transfers heat from the CPU to the cooler water, which moves back to the water pump again. Make sure you use high-quality parts in your watercooling system. Using a flimsy-looking water pump can come back to haunt you, as cheap pumps might spring leaks, or just as bad, stop working
  • Springs
    assemblies, and constant-force springs. Helical extension springs are most common. Drawbar spring assemblies are useful when a fixed stop is required. Constant-force springs are similar to power springs except they are loaded by pull rather than twist. Retaining rings and garter springs push or pull
  • Around the Industry - January 2003 FCT -
    A R O U N D T H E I N D U S T R Y EVI to Demonstrate Hybrid Power System Energy Visions Inc. of Toronto, Ontario, plans to demonstrate its all-electric hybrid power system this spring. The system is under construction at EVI s Calgary fuel cell laboratory and will be a pre-commercial prototype
  • DOE R&D Program Adds Honeywell Hybrid - April 2002 FCT -
    DOE R &D Program Adds Honeywell Hybrid Generating power close to the consumer a concept called distributed generation may be one way to take the future strain off the nation's electric grid. Two of the best technologies for distributed generation are the fuel cell and the micro-turbine

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  • Flowing presses
    After the spring path and the force per spring are determined, suitable springs are selected from manufacturer generating programs.
  • Roloff / Matek machine elements
    For compliance of certain spring forces and prescribed associated lengths, a production compensation must be granted the manufacturer .
  • Roloff / Matek machine elements
    For compliance of certain spring forces and prescribed associated lengths, a production compensation must be granted the manufacturer .