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  • Results of Laboratory Testing of Advanced Power Strips: Preprint
    Timer-Controlled Power strips with a timer switch can be programmed to shut off supply power during periods of time when the user knows the appliances will not be needed.
  • Building America System Research Plan for Reduction of Miscellaneous Electrical Loads in Zero Energy Homes
    A number of control strategies are now available: • Programmable timers that switch component circuits on a daily or weekly schedule or provide … means to temporarily activate or deactivate a device • Smart receptacles or power strips that automatically turn on…
  • Selecting a Control Strategy for Plug and Process Loads
    A scheduling control device can take multiple forms: • Basic electrical outlet timers that control a single outlet, or power strips with integrated outlet timers to control multiple outlets, provide local scheduling control. .... Users program the schedules.
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, February 26, 2014 > [79 FR 10765] Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) 247-Erie, Pennsylvania; Notification of Proposed Production Activity, ...
    strips ; aluminum powder, flakes, pipes and angles; mute aluminum panels; aluminum plates and base plates; damping sheets; electric marker … water discharge headers; exhaust manifolds; piston skirts; manifold blocks; piston pins; alignment rings; push rods; crankcase door assemblies; power assemblies; art rod assemblies … removal tools; tubing; connectors; puller clamp plates; credit card acceptors; automated fare collection systems; laptop computers; toughbooks; tablets; embedded controllers; desktop computers; network servers; processor servers; CPU embedded programmable servers; embedded box PCs … note validators; PCB cards; timer boards; electronic integrated circuits…
  • The Micro Computer Controlled UV Ozone Calibrator
    …CPU board featuring the popular Zilog 2-80 microprocessor plus sockets for up to 12K bytes of EPROM for programs and up t o … 8-bit to support strip chart outputs, valve control … intensity, etc.); two counter/ timer circuits that can be … o cost a nominal amount, depending on the specific devices included (not including power supplies or mounting).
  • Automatic Pressure Buildup Data Acquisition and Interpretation Using a Microcomputer-Based Acoustic Liquid Level Instrument
    The computer program is then activated by inserting the program and data disks in the respective drives and powering the computer. .... The principal data consist of the frequency of data collection ( shots per hour or shots per log cycle ) the frequency at which strip chart recordings are made ( default is once every ten data points ) and the timer circuit mute time.
  • A Step Towards Conservation for Interior Alaska Tribes
    Action Plans for homes: Use timers and power strips , turn off breakers, if necessary when not home or traveling, and install and use energy efficient appliances. .... and weatherization (TCC will provide services in 2011) Build and maintain partnerships with programs and organizations Environmental…
  • Restoration of submerged electronic equipment
    These were digital drives, with battery powered circuits, such as clock/ timer printed circuitboards, memory or pro- grammed array logic printed circuit boards, communica- tions cards, opticaldisplays, data input stations and mother boards. .... dipswitches, slide switches, microswitches and limit switches; wiring and optical cable terminators, terminal strips and connectors; low…
  • The design and calibration of a high temperature differential thermal calorimeter
    …used to convey the thermocouple signals to the ancillary instruments and to pass power into the cells .... The furnace is controlled by a Honeywell Electronic 15 strip chart programme controller. .... time of soak at temperature, and run duration are controlled automatically by 3 timers and an externally…
  • Author Index
    …pulse generator, 3291 Dorrenbacher, C. J., with others, telerietering aerial systeni for super- sonic aircraft, 2623 Dorsey, S. E., timer codes oscillograph recordings, 3154 … 1456 Dreyer, H. J., program -controlled computers, 1629 Dreyfus … B., transistor h.f. power supply, 3539 Drokin, A .... M. C., investigation of strip transmission lines with electrolyte tank, 2283 Dumas, G., gyromagnetic resonance in Penning…