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  • Power Supply Comparisons
    Linear Power Supply vs. Switching Power Supply vs. Unregulated Power Supply
  • The Ever Shrinking Power Supply
    Changes in power supply design are rarely revolutionary. Rather, they are evolutionary and dependent upon a host of component and manufacturing technologies that, for the most part, develop at a modest pace. Moore's law simply doesn't apply to power supply design; if it did, a 200 W switcher
  • Redundant Power Supply Concepts
    are implementing redundant power supply concepts combined with redundancy modules.
  • The "no blip " power supply
    New industrial power sources handle current surges without tripping off. The result: No need to overspecify capacity. Here's what can happen when an ordinary power supply sees an inrush current as from a motor turning on: Temporary overloads can trigger the electronic protection circuits and trip
  • Tranformerless Power Supply TechBrief
    In most non-battery applications, the power to the microcontroller is normally supplied using a wall mounted transformer, which is then rectified, filtered and regulated. In most applications, this method of generating the regulated voltage is cost effective and can be justified. However
  • Power-Supply Fundamentals
    and filtered voltage. Thus, an unregulated power supply may be desirable for these circuits because unregulated supplies are simple, reliable, and inexpensive. Additionally, unregulated power supplies are typically more efficient and dissipate less heat than regulated power supplies with the same output
  • Designing in the power supply that you need!
    Global applications require a power supply that can deal with not only a universal AC input, typically 90-264 Vac, but also meet the customerâ s lifetime expectations across all operating conditions. It is quite common that the power supply manufacturer will specify a derating factor in the 90-115
  • Power supply de-rating in practice
    With mounting market pressure on power supply size, power density and cost there are an increasing number of AC-DC power supplies released which rely on de-rating specifications to improve their headline power ratings.

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