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  • Power Supply Comparisons
    Linear Power Supply vs. Switching Power Supply vs. Unregulated Power Supply
  • Servomotor Power Supply Sizing
    Correctly sizing a servomotor and drive power supply is critical to optimizing system cost. Power supply capacity is important in battery-powered mobile applications. To size servo drive power supplies, it is essential to understand power conversion and subsequent losses. This paper covers
  • The Ever Shrinking Power Supply
    Changes in power supply design are rarely revolutionary. Rather, they are evolutionary and dependent upon a host of component and manufacturing technologies that, for the most part, develop at a modest pace. Moore's law simply doesn't apply to power supply design; if it did, a 200 W switcher
  • Redundant Power Supply Concepts
    are implementing redundant power supply concepts combined with redundancy modules.
  • Insufficient Power Supply of PLC
    When the PLC power supply is insufficient, the following methods can be adopted to solve the problem: (1) Check the power line: First, check whether the power line of the PLC is connected normally, and make sure that the power line is not disconnected or damaged. Check whether the power plug
  • Tranformerless Power Supply TechBrief
    In most non-battery applications, the power to the microcontroller is normally supplied using a wall mounted transformer, which is then rectified, filtered and regulated. In most applications, this method of generating the regulated voltage is cost effective and can be justified. However
  • Supplying an AC/DC Power Supply
    A frequently asked question concerns the suitability of using an AC/DC power supply with a DC source. There are two parts to the answer, one concerning the ability of the converter to run without issue and the other concerning the safety aspects. Most universal input AC/DC supplies (designed
  • Choosing a Benchtop or Laboratory Power Supply
    Choosing the right DC power supply for the lab or your bench is not as easy as it seems.

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