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  • Monthly List of References to Current Radio Literature
    (Methods and equipment used for melting precious metals .) .
  • Bionik
    On the other hand, the path conventional for noble metals over the enamel metallurgy is often selected because zahntechnische laboratories have the casting devices and the form and the size of complexly shaped implants in individual production in wide limits and with…
  • An overview of e-waste management in China
    After col- lecting e-wastes, they simply employ primitive techniques, including dismantling electronic equipment ; heating and manually removing components from printed circuit boards; cutting cables and wires for recovering metals ; chipping and melting plastics; sweeping toners; recovering precious metals through acid leaching…
  • Recycling technique
    …228, 229, 230, 231, 232, 233, 234 recovery of anode sludges 236, 237 alloy, solutions, processing, 234 materials 120, 121 elastomer 446, 222 salt 140, 232 enamels 139, 228 noble metal layer, 235 iron oxide … 302, 303 electro-old devices register (EAR) .
  • Recycling technique
    Accordingly, exist by the historic remelting of unusable vessels and devices or gazumped cult objects (e.g., so-called chopping … and recycling method like the solution and collection of noble metals in mercury (Amalgamation) or in lead melts (Pb as collector metal…
  • Mining and Processing Gold Ores in the Ancient World
    Precious Metals for transportation: Booklet covers catalytic purification for auto- mobiles, PTX® purifiers, petroleum refining catalysts, aircraft ozone abators … systems, spark plug wire, electrical contacts, thick film conductor materials, plating processes and anodes, brazing alloys, glass- melting equipment , form-rolled compo- nents…
  • Referaten part
    A vollstandiger KreislaufprozeB is obtained without the application of a second electrolyzing device ; 2. different valuable by-products are directly produced in marktfahiger form; 3. vollstandige recovery of metals ; 4. vollstandige recovery of … are, with exception of enamel electrolysis to the SchluB…
  • Hydrodynamic molding method — a tool of resource-saving technology in ceramic and refractory production
    On the basis of a machine of the HDM class (Fig. 1), that may be used both universally and in specialized production equipment , production was organized and … two-layer crucibles for melting and casting ferrous, nonferrous, precious metals and stomatology, heat- and…
  • AIME 113th Annual Meeting
    …SME-SEG) • Alumina and Bauxite V- Plant Design and Equipment (TMS) • Aluminum Reduction … Cast Shop Technology 11- Melt Treat- ment and Ingot … • Joining of Refractory Metals II (TMS) • Kinetics … Gen- eral Abstract) • Precious Metals Symposium - Copper Refinery…
  • Practical approach to continuous casting of copper alloys and precious metals A
    Precious metals casting equipment , 152-154. .... induction heated melting rate, 153 .