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    Fluxes - (219 companies)
    Fluxes are chemical compositions used in soldering, brazing and welding. They clean the metal 's surface, assist with heat transfer, and remove unwanted oxide films. Fluxes are chemical agents used for cleaning, purification, and improving flow...
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    Fluxes & Cleaners
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    Precious Metals and Alloys - (157 companies)
    Precious metals and precious alloys are rare metallic elements and alloys such as silver, gold, platinum, palladium, iridium, osmium, rhodium, and ruthenium. They posses unique characteristics that set them apart from other metals. How to Select...
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    Metal Sheet - (802 companies)
    How to Select Metal Sheet. Metal sheet is metal or alloy stock supplied or available in the form of sheet or foil. It has a thickness between 0.006" and 0.250", and a width of 24" (609.6 mm) or more. How Are Metal Sheets Made?. Sheet metal can...
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    Metal Wire - (538 companies)
    How to Select Metal Wire. Metal wires are flexible, typically cylindrical rods of metal. They are designed for carrying electricity and for bearing physical stresses and loads. How Is Metal Wire Made?. Producing metal wire involves a number...
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    Metal Powders (powdered metals) - (229 companies)
    How to Select Metal Powders. Metal powders are finely divided or powdered metals used in fabricating sintered parts, thermal spraying, filling plastics, and other specialized applications. Powdered metals include most types of metals. Powder...
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    Metal Tubes - (765 companies)
    Metal tube ( tubing) is made of metallic elements or alloys and is designed for specific industrial applications. Compared to other types of tubing, metal tube is stronger and most robust, making it better suited for structural applications...
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    Nonferrous Metals and Alloys - (1613 companies)
    ...of nonferrous metals and alloys based on material type. These include precious metals, aluminum, copper, nickel, and zinc. Precious metals and their alloys are rare metallic elements and alloys such as silver, gold, platinum, palladium, iridium, osmium...
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    Metal Bellows - (140 companies)
    Metal bellows perform a number of tasks including sealing environments, carrying gases, liquids and slurry, and mechanically coupling for electrical contact. Metal bellows perform the function of sealing environments, carrying gases, liquids...
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    Metal Strip - (295 companies)
    How to Select Metal Strip. Metal strip is narrow, thin stock that is usually 3/16 in. (4.76 mm) or less in thickness and under 24 in. (609.6 mm) in width. Metal strips are formed to precise thicknesses and/or width requirements. How Is Metal Strip...
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    Metal Balls - (125 companies)
    How to Select Metal Balls. Metal balls are rolling, spherical elements that exhibit greater strength and toughness than plastic and ceramic balls. They have a sufficient hardness for many industrial ball applications, and most products...
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  • Solid Waste Management
    pressure and the leach residue is smelted in precious metals furnace along with fluxes .
  • The Physical Society's Exhibition - London 1952
    The Sheffield Smelting Co. Ltd., besides precious metals and alloys, make a ready fluxed silver solder which permits neat joints to be effected in difficult places.
  • Mineral Waste Treatment and Secondary Recovery
    Waste gases containing precious metal com- ponents were recovered by collecting in washing mud and then fluxing , sintering and smelting in the blast furnace.73 Murai et al.,74 reported that zinc removal efficiency from a blast furnace gas cleaning system was …
  • Inmagic DB/Text WebPublisher PRO: 1 records
    Current applications include the selection of suitable fluxing practices in copper and nickel smelting , analysing the operation of the Kennecott copper smelter, optimising the recovery of precious metals and investigating refractory wear.
    In electric smelting proper only sufficient reduction fuel is mixed with the ore to reduce the metals contained, leaving no excess carbon,.and fluxes are added to form a fusible … … the residue, allowing the lead and precious metals to separate out …
  • Recovery of Precious Metals from Lead Bullion
    taining nodularized precious metals , fluxes , previously smelted slag, process residues, lead to serve as a collector metal in the form of litharge (PbO … … for the copper normally present in the charge material, and coke.3 The scrap added is homogenized by smelting .
  • ZNCTA2000P003
    … Electrolysis Decomposition Decomposition Chlorine Reduction Hydrogen Water Nickel-cobalt sulfide for further treatment Ammonium sulfate solution Iron-nickel powder Nickel pellets Nickel powder Nickel Precious metals cathode residue, cobalt oxide … … Air Sulfur dioxide Drying Flux Sulfur dioxide Smelting Slag to dump Furnace …
  • Chemical Metallurgy
    For the reclamation of lead, the lead scrap obtained from the batteries is smelted with coke and fluxes in a rotary, reverberatory, or blast furnace. The major sources from which precious metals can be recovered include solution and electrochemical wastes, smeltable materials and slags, printed circuits and electronic scrap, and photographic film and paper.
  • EPD Congress 2009: Extraction and Processing Division
    Precious Metal Recovery: Au, Ag, Pd and Pt can be recovered in the precious metal refinery. Anode Cu slimes from electrolysis is pressure leached, dried and smelted with fluxes .
  • Recycling technique
    In the contaminated and poor noble metal wastes as well as in dissolving arrears of the Cu enrichment method (7 section 5.7.3, "resolution of noble metals in lead or copper melts "), there are noble metals almost exclusively as metals … Some information is supplied to it: hydrochloric acid and noble metals don't dissolve hydrofluoric acid.

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