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    Billing Software - (47 companies)
    Billing software automates the tedious process of billing for services rendered or products purchased. An extensive selection of similar programs available in today's market feature distinct functions designed to meet the needs of particular...
  • Wireless Modems-Image
    Wireless Modems - (544 companies)
    How to Select Wireless Modems. Image Credit: Banner Engineering Corp. and AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc. Wireless modems transmit modulated data using electromagnetic waves. They connect to a wireless network instead of to a telephone line. Unlike...
    Bill of Materials (BOM) Software - (14 companies)
    Bill of materials software provides a paperless solution to help standardize, control, and automate the bill of materials generation and part procurement process. A bill of materials (BOM) is used to manage a list of components used to build...
  • Mobile and Wireless Software-Image
    Mobile and Wireless Software - (135 companies)
    Mobile and wireless software is used to program and manage mobile and wireless devices such as cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), and global positioning systems (GPS). System administrations and information technology (IT) personnel use...
  • Point of Sale and Kiosk Computers-Image
    Point of Sale and Kiosk Computers - (346 companies)
    ...offices. Some common applications of interactive kiosks and point of sale (POS) systems include ATM kiosks, Internet kiosks, store gift registries and gift card kiosks, sales and marketing kiosks, bill payment kiosks, gaming, kiosks, self check out...
    Medical Software - (284 companies)
    Medical and healthcare software is used in hospitals, clinics, and related facilities. This category includes software used to control and monitor medical devices, and software used for medical practice management and patient billing. Medical...
    Wireless Systems - (269 companies)
    Wireless systems consist of combined RF components such as transmitters, receivers, transceivers, filters, down / up converters, antennas and antenna positioners. Wireless systems consist of combined RF components such as transmitters, receivers...
    Energy Management Software - (112 companies)
    Energy management software is designed to help manage energy usage and utility bills. Products may be sold as individual or customized modules, or bundled together in turnkey systems and multi-solution platforms. Applications. Energy management...
    Wireless Network Components - (331 companies)
    Wireless network components are used to build or replace worn out devices within a wireless network. Wireless network components are used to build new wireless networks or replace devices within an existing wireless network. A wireless network...
    WiFi and WiMAX Wireless Chips - (39 companies)
    WiFi wireless chips and WiMAX wireless chips are used in fixed broadband wireless access networks that use point-to-multipoint architecture. WiFi chips are based on the IEEE 802.11 standard. WiMAX chips are based on the IEE 802.16 standard. WiFi...

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  • InComm Gains Momentum In Grocery Channel
    With nearly $13 billion in retail sales transactions processed in 2010, InComm is the nation's largest provider of gift cards, prepaid wireless products, reloadable debit cards, digital music downloads, content, games, software and bill payment solutions.
    … Home agent allocation for balanced home agent access ◦ Null password support ◦ Multiple accounting start/stop detection for roaming users ◦ CDMA2000 vendor-specific attribute support ◦ Prepaid billing ◦ Quality of service … … Authorization (CoA) ● Public wireless LAN solution for service … ® Software On-Demand Address Pool Manager .
  • Mobile payments
    The business or service provider then contacts a wire- less service provider, financial institu- tion, or trusted third party to verify the user’s identity and authorize the pur- chase, which is charged to the user’s wireless phone bill or credit account. … user via a local area network or an m-money supplier via a prepaid or postpaid ser … This money can be stored on the device using software that functions much like an electronic wallet.
  • Moving Beyond 3G [Mobile Radio]
    TOPEX HSDPA equipment is designed for the use of small and medium enterprises for Wireless VPN set-up, and is suitable for Public WiFi Hotspot for prepaid and post-paid access. picoChip has announced a refer- ence design for an ultra-low … … a 3G access point or “femtocell” base sta- tion supports HSDPA with a software upgrade to HSUPA. The reference design enables an OEM to develop a femtocell with the lowest bill of mate- rials …
  • Cisco IOS Software Release 12.4T Features and Hardware Support - Cisco
    … or dual stack) access to the Internet, corporate intranets (through secure VPNs), and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP … Standards-compliant, Cisco PDSN uses proven Cisco Systems ® hardware and software , and offers several features to … It acts as a client for Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) servers, and also enables prepaid billing services.
  • E-Commerce and Web Technologies
    … are based on simple message exchange via short-messaging-services (SMS) or the wireless application protocol (WAP … Some MP procedures even require the installation of special software tools, e.g. to create digital coins. The payments are either deducted via prepaid , instant-paid or post-paid methods and may be settled via various payment methods such as prepaid-cards, digital wallets, direct debiting, offline payments, credit cards or phone bills .
  • Redknee Lands $5M APAC Deal | Light Reading
    TORONTO -- Redknee (TSX:RKN), a leading provider of business-critical software and services for communications service providers, has announced it has been awarded a new client agreement with an APAC service provider to replace its wireless billing and customer care platform for … … to deliver the charging transparency, flexibility and self-care options that typically only prepaid customers receive when …
    … that supports Service Selection Gateway , SSG, feature set, Subscriber Edge Services Manager, SESM, software , which takes care … … connections to subscribers using broadband access technology such as xDSL, cable modems, or wireless to allow simultaneous … The SSG Prepaid feature allows SSG to check a subscriber’s available credit to determine whether to connect … The subscriber’s credit is administered by the billing server as a series of quotas representing either duration …
    How can I segment wireless meeting room users from public space users? Are the Solaris NIS+ and Cisco Secure ACS 3.0 software supported? How does the RADIUS prepaid feature work? What credit card billing does BBSM use?
  • States > Texas > State > Register > 2010 > [TexReg 2010-0402is] 04/02/2010
    … the myriad of com­ puter and telecommunications facilities, including equipment and op­ erating software , that comprise the … … crosses the boundaries on subdivisions or jurisdictions within the state [from and is billed to a telephone … The term includes cellular telecommunica­ tions services, personal communications services (PCS), prepaid wire­ less services, specialized mobile radio services, wireless voice over In­ ternet protocol services, and paging services.

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Mentor, a Siemens Business
Mentor, a Siemens Business
Mentor, a Siemens Business
Mentor, a Siemens Business