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    Steamers and Steam Generators - (107 companies)
    Steamers and steam generators produce steam vapor for cleaning, oxidation, and other process functions. They heat water above the boiling or vapor point to convert the water into high-temperature water vapor or steam. When water is heated...
  • Vacuum Cleaners-Image
    Vacuum Cleaners - (313 companies)
    Portable/pedestrian unit. Portable vacuums are designed to be moved by the operator during use. This category includes walk-behind and canister vacuums. Image Credit: Nilfisk. Ride-on unit. Heavy-duty ride-on vacuums are usually designed to carry one...
  • Steam Valves-Image
    Steam Valves - (235 companies)
    Steam valves are used to control the flow and pressure level of steam and heated water vapor. Steam valves are used to control the flow and pressure level of steam and heated water vapor. Steam is used in a large number of industrial applications...
  • Steam Injection Heaters-Image
    Steam Injection Heaters - (27 companies)
    Steam injection heaters inject steam into a system to maintain or raise temperature levels. Steam injection heaters use a special system of perforated injection tubes to force steam into a liquid or slurry to provide almost instantaneous transfer...
  • Steam Traps-Image
    Steam Traps - (223 companies)
    Steam traps are automatic valves that release condensate from a steam space while preventing the loss of live steam. They also remove air and noncondensables from the steam space. Steam traps are automatic valves that release condensate from a steam...
    Steam and Gas Turbines - (72 companies)
    Steam turbines and gas turbines are rotating machines that extract energy from pressurized steam and/or from combustion gases. Types of Steam and Gas Turbines. There are two basic types of steam turbines: impulse and reaction. Impulse turbines...
    Bags and Sacks - (764 companies)
    Bags and sacks are used for a wide variety of storage, packaging and shipping applications. They include bags and sacks made of all kinds of materials.
    Boilers (industrial) - (591 companies)
    Industrial boilers are closed vessels that use a fuel source or electricity to heat water or generate steam for industrial heating and humidification applications. The basic concept of a boiler involves a heat source (furnace) and a heat exchanger...
    Desuperheaters - (33 companies)
    Desuperheaters are used to cool steam in power plants. Desuperheating or steam conditioning is the process of restoring superheated steam to its saturated state through temperature reduction. There are two basic types of desuperheaters: indirect...
    Blanchers - (16 companies)
    Blanchers expose food products to boiling water or steam for a brief period of time, then quickly cool them to halt the cooking process. Blanching exposes food products to boiling water or steam for a brief period of time and then quickly cools them...

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  • Handbook of Petroleum Processing
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  • Challenges of Power Engineering and Environment
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