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  • Thermal conductivity of insulations using guarded hot plates, including recent developments and sources of reference materials
    The apparatus has been partially automated using temperature controllers and a computer linked via both IEEE and RS422 instrument interfaces. The computer is programmed to determine thermal equilibrium at each required temperature and take a set of …
  • Advanced Research on Automation, Communication, Architectonics and Materials III
    The mechanical automation electrical system schematic of the test bench … IPC to achieve output of data communications and data reporting between the servo controller , inverter controller, PLC … … CPU, 4 serial ports (RS232C) card, power supply, floppy drive hard disk, etc.; block Ⅱ includes Yaskawa inverter and the North Branch servo controller, both of which have RS422 serial port and switch … … left end with the programming port RS232C connected through …
  • Dynamometer-based testing of a proof-of-concept fuel cell vehicle prototype
    Digital VO:4 &bit individually programmed channels. Other features: 6-channel incremental encoder, RS232, RS422 , and CAN interfaces. Automatic code generation and graphical user interface generation via its virtual instrument panel and automated test capabilities. The vehicle controller and the BU-ESU control strategy are implemented using dSPACE.
  • Robotics/Design Basics/Basic Programming - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
    Programmable logic controllers , PLCs, are special purpose industrial computers, made to be easy to interface with electrical circuits. … special signals as high-speed counters, analog I/O, networks and fieldbuses (RS-232, RS422 , RS-485, Ethernet … PLCs are traditionally used to control automated factories, possibly several machines per PLC.
  • Automation of a remote plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition system using LabVIEW
    The EurothermTM temperature controller communicates with the computer over an RS422 serial connection. temperature controller has an in-built programming mode, which allows set points and ramp rates to be … The software side of the automation package contains, at its core, a number of V1s4 which communicate …
  • Oxford Semiconductor Announces Eight-Channel UART To PCI Controller
    … benefits a wide range of PCI-based hardware applications, including POS equipment, industrial automation systems and remote … Highly programmable , the controller offers deep FIFOs with tunable trigger levels, hardware out-of-band flow control and a clock prescaler enabling designers to optimize data flows and configure application-specific data rates up to a maximum of 4.125Mega baud using … … types and the UART ports are easily configured to suit the needs of RS232 and RS422 applications.
  • Based on PMAC Card Gasket Machine Tool Design and Research
    2010 International Conference on Intelligent Computation Technology and Automation PMAC, the Program Multiple Axis Controller , is the movement control card which Corporation produces by American DELTA TAU. … ISA, PCI, VME, STD, etc. and so on, and provides through RS232 or RS422 serial communication with …
  • Day Two Of The National Industrial Automation Show
    According to the folks at Amot, the Hawk-I', which can be used for everything from simple motor control to small scale automation and process monitoring and control, features Windows 95 programming , sixteen discrete inputs, four relay outputs, one RS232 communication port … Other features include up to 16 MB of flash memory configurable quad UART (RS232, RS422 , and RS485); onboard serial controllers including Codec/IRDA/SDLC/USB; dual CAN, PCMCIA and Ethernet; an LCD hardware controller for up to XGA and 8, 12 or 16 bit color …
  • Real-Time Tree-Foliage Surface Estimation Using a Ground Laser Scanner
    … to a tractor unit, and Fig. 3 shows the schema of the complete system that is composed by the LIDAR and 1) a computer for data storage and offline data processing or 2) a dedicated programmable automation controller for real- time tree … … selectable at 9.6, 19.2, or 38.4 KBd and a nonstandard RS422 serial port with …
  • Typical problems encountered with variable frequency drives in the industry
    Programmable logic controllers (PLCs), facility automation systems, optionswith standardizedand published formats includingRS232, RS422 ,and RS485.