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  • Information Computing and Applications
    This micro- controller is designed for industrial application; these programs include remote monitoring, test and measurement equipment [5], factory automation and so on. LM3S8962 contains two RS485 modules , so using the RS485 interface chip 75LBC184 as a communications module.
  • Springer Handbook of Automation
    We believe that the solution chosen for this auto- mated system is very modern and has several advan- tages over what one might … … 2]: • Process control and supervision do not require a PC, as all programs and visual interfaces run … • Fast and reliable network communication with PCs, by OPC server, in contrast to the widely used serial RS232 or RS485 communication in other con- trollers . • The extremely large number of I/O modules that can be managed (hundreds of digital signals monitored …
  • Advanced Mechanical Design
    Through calling the function module to complete the software function. The structural and functional programming makes the program become more reasonable and independent, and facilitates programming debugging … The controller has RS485 communication interface, The Prot0 port communicate with the Southwest Institute of automation 1891A, which use free communication, CPU 226 station, 1891A from the station.
  • APS Alternative Fuel (Hydrogen) Pilot Plant - Monitoring System Report
    Since RS232 cannot go much further than 30 feet, the signal is converted to RS485 and run from the HOGEN to the control room using Fieldpoint (FP) data acquisition and control module . The Fieldpoint uses the OPC (OLE for Process Control) server from National Instruments to receive data from the Allen Bradley programmable logic controller (PLC). The dispenser control board passes information to the CFP2020 Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) through an RS485 link …
  • Introduction to Fuzzy Logic using MATLAB
    Thus, the fuzzyPLC is capable of solving quite complex and fast industrial automation problems in spite of … The fuzzyPLC Engineering Software The fuzzyPLC is programed by an enhanced version of the standard fuzzy logic system development software fuzzyTECH … … Software. fuzzyTECH is an all-graphical, design, simulation, and optimization environment with implementation modules for most micro controllers and industrial computers. … and is linked to the fuzzyPLC by a standard serial cable (RS232) or the field bus ( RS485 ).
    • 32-bit processor • Three separate RS485 interfaces for BACnet MSTP, Modbus, Field Bus or Panel Bus devices • One additional RS485 interface for Panel Bus or EXIO bus … … • Quick and convenient connection to neighboring modules • Alarm LED, Power … comfortPoint™ open Plant controller building automation systems • Web-based monitoring, control, commissioning and programming of up to 20 T7350H thermostats • Easy installation …
    The controller features a scalable and flexible structure so that automation tasks can be solved with just the right performance needed. The central unit can be flexibly expanded with input/output and communications modules . … be expanded for se- rial communication with two interface units, each with a RS485 or RS232 port. … be- tween the engineering system, controllers and HMI; this can be useful for programming and CPU-to …