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  • Medical Device Link . Using Parylene for Medical Substrate Coating
    of therapeutic efficacy. In order to function properly and safely, medical components that are not intrinsically biostable must be protectively coated in a manner that does not adversely affect mechanical tolerances or other critical performance characteristics. Protective coating of a biomedical
  • Update on Low VOC Regulations for Protective Coatings (.pdf)
    The industrial painting sector faces a patchwork quilt of tightening environmental regulations governing potential volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from protective coatings. The tightening of the regulations presents both challenges and opportunities to coating formulators. Extreme
  • Stick Welding
    , creating a weld pool and depositing a consumable metal electrode into the joint. The electrode's protective coating also acts as a shielding gas, protecting the weld and ensuring its purity and strength. Best for windy conditions and adverse environments.
  • Determination of Calcium in Water
    of calcium in water provide a thin protective coating on pipes and boilers. Utilizing the Iotron Calcium Electroide calcium ion concentration may be determined directly in the range of 2-10,000 ppm. Sample Preparation: Degas sample or deareate by bubbling nitrogen through it for 10 to 15 minutes at room
  • Medical Device Link .
    , voids, and pinholes. The coating must also be suitable for permanent implantation in the body, exhibit good adhesion, and withstand stresses of implantation and use. Parylene is used as a protective coating
  • Colorful durable surface graphics
    . But economics made a protective coating impractical so the decoration was
  • Medical Device Link .
    of laboratory tests that were conducted to determine the effects of common sterilization methods on selected parylene coatings used for medical device applications. PARYLENE FILM AND THE USE OF STERILIZATION Certain medical components require a protective coating to isolate them from contact with moisture
  • MICRO: Special Apps
    , it consumes less material than spin coating. In addition to performing MEMS lithography applications, spray coating can be used to coat irregularly shaped or heavy substrates, coat many small substrates simultaneously, deposit a protective coating on top of fragile structures, and perform underfill steps

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