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  • Fluorescent Proteins I
    On the other hand, since tFl can be measured independent from the fluorescence intensity, FP mutants with prolonged tFl can be found as long as some visible protein fluorescence is detected.
  • Fluorescent Proteins II
    The rigid tertiary structure of wtGFP is responsible for the significant protein fluorescence emission (FA ¼ 0.78 [57], FB ¼ 0.79 [48]), which is also very .
  • Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy
    Protein Fluorescence .
  • Advanced Fluorescence Reporters in Chemistry and Biology I
    2006) The role of the protein matrix in green fluorescent protein fluorescence .
  • Handbook Of Biological Confocal Microscopy
    (A) Percentage of single- protein fluorescence recovery versus the illumination time at 720nm for different excitation powers: 3.34mW (solid circles), 4.34mW (solid squares), 5mW (open squares), and 5.7mW (open circles).
  • High Content Screening
    Intrinsic protein fluorescence and .
  • Green Fluorescent Protein
    … 59 Phenol-chloroform extractions, 66 Phogrin-cameleon construct domain structure, 256f Phosphorescence energy-level diagram, 94 Phosphoribosylanthranilate isomerase circular permutation, 33 Phosphorylated synthetic sal/linkers ligation, 62 Phosphorylation GFP, 283f Phycobilisome FRET, 113 Phycobilisome-bound GFP fusion protein fluorescence and rotational diffusion characteristics …
  • Topics in Fluorescence Spectroscopy
    simultaneously, Duggan and Udenfriend(8) and Shore and Pardee(9) reported the results of their investigations of protein fluorescence .
  • Topics in Fluorescence Spectroscopy
    Volume 6 Protein Fluorescence .
  • Fluorescent Methods for Molecular Motors
    Unfortunately, ADP binding to actin.S1 does not normally result in a fluorescence signal, either using intrinsic protein fluorescence or the pyrene label.