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  • A Primer on Pressure Drop
    All of Lytron's thermal systems are designed for maximum performance at a specific flow rate. Less flow will cause the system to under perform. Flow rate is dependent upon the system's pressure drop and the pump's head pressure. This applications note reviews how to determine your pressure drop
  • Pump Basics
    and head), depending on the structural characteristics of the pump itself and as a function of the specific system needs. The operation is simple: these pumps utilize the centrifugal effect to move the liquid and increase its pressure. A bladed wheel (impeller), the true heart of the pump, rotates within
  • When to Use PD Pumps (Copyright Viking Pump, Inc.)
    to the right you can see just how different these pumps are. The centrifugal has varying flow depending on pressure or head, whereas the PD pump has more or less constant flow regardless of pressure. Flow rate versus viscosity Another major difference between the pump types is the effect viscosity has
  • Pressure Independent Control Valves
    . The main reason for becoming the industry standard. is reduced pumping cost, which is a result of pump head and fl ow. Meaning, the more control valves are closing, the lower the total fl ow. Another reason is that the plant can be designed with a diversity factor. because fl ow is only needed where
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part I: Motors, Drives and Compressed Air Systems
    system. Paybacks for implementing these solutions are typically less than 1 year. Multiple pumps for variable loads. This is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for varying loads. If a large differential pressure exists at the operating rate of flow (indicating excessive flow