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    009;Unfortunately, exposure to gamma radiation has a negative effect on the appearance of flexible PVC. While physical properties and viscosity remain unchanged, immediately after sterilization the material tends to darken or yellow. Compound darkening is autocatalytic, and continues after
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    from various environmental and healthcare activist groups. Their concerns are related to the contention that, under certain conditions, small amounts of the plasticizer may leave the flexible PVC compound an act referred to as leaching, migrating, or extraction. This extracted plasticizer could
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    flexible PVC compound sells for 85 cents per pound. Polyurethanes sell for 10 -20 times that amount. So what is it that motivates medical device developers to use them? The answer is quite simple: polyurethanes can be used in applications where other materials do not work. Polyurethanes are among
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    problems with disposal. The softness, flexibility, and low-temperature characteristics of PVC are determined by the type and amount of plasticizer used in the compound. The most widely used plasticizer, di-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP), has been linked to toxic effluents produced during manufacturing
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    has engineered plastic materials both with and without PVC to satisfy the varying markets. Cooley will promote MedGuard, its PVC-free proprietary polymer system, during its maiden excursion to MD &M East as an exhibitor. The compound is suited for use in such applications as blood pressure cuffs
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    the carts in sheds and clubhouse basements during the winter months, where the cold can make the cleaning rods from standard materials become brittle and break off. " Flexalloy PVC elastomers are based on ultra high molecular weight PVC resin, which differs considerably from PVC used for compounding
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    ost current medical plastics applications feature materials that have been compounded in some fashion to optimize their performance. For example, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) typically used in medical fabrication often contains 10 or more ingredients, among them stabilizers, antioxidants, and other
    resistance to saline solution and hospital cleaning fluids. * Adequate adhesion to on-line ink-jet printer ink, ultraviolet (UV)- curable adhesives, and a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) overmolding compound. * Lower cost than COPE, if possible. Even a material with good chemical resistance can show poor

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