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  • Mass Spectrometry
    A linear quadrupole mass analyzer consists of four hyperbolically or cylindrically shaped rod electrodes extending in the z-direction and mounted in a square con- figuration (xy-plane, Figs. 4.25, 4.26).
  • Mass Spectrometry
    The evolving fragments are mass-analyzed by means of a lin- ear quadrupole mass analyzer at right angles to the incident ion beam (Fig. 2.28).
  • Plant Proteomics
    Those peptides serve as model for synthetic internal stabile isotope standards and are introduced for absolute quantification using triple quadrupole mass analyzer [4].
  • Practical Gas Chromatography
    Era of glass open-tubular columns • Self-made glass open-tubular columns GC-MS with quadrupole mass analyzer GC-TOFMS 1968 .
  • Linear quadrupoles in mass spectrometry
    Du and Douglas (1999) then described a tandem quadrupole mass analyzer that takes advantage of these peak shapes.
  • The Cassini Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer (INMS) Investigation
    The INMS instrument consists of a closed ion source and an open ion source, various focusing lenses, an electrostatic quadrupole switching lens, a radio frequency quadrupole mass analyzer , two secondary electron multiplier detectors, and the associated supporting electronics and power supply systems.
  • Ion/Molecule Attachment Reactions: Mass Spectrometry
    Tandem (or triple) quadrupole mass analyzer TQS .
  • Proteomics in Foods
    The accuracy of quadrupole mass analyzers allows selection of specific peptide ions and analysis of fragment ions from MS-MS to within at least ±0.5 amu of their true m/z values.
  • Food Analysis
    When the repeller plate at the back of the source is positively charged, it repels the positive fragments toward the quadrupole mass analyzer .
  • Degradation of Poly(butyl acrylate) and Poly(2‐hydroxyethyl methacrylate) Model Compounds Under Extreme Environmental Conditions
    Figure 2 compares the ESI mass spectra (with quadrupole mass analyser ) of saturated pBA before and after 34 weeks exposure to 95 8C temperature (top), under ambient temperature UV radiation after 12 weeks (middle) and under combined 95 8C temperature and UV …