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  • Quick Couplings in Marine Research
    When the San Diego State University started looking for couplings to use in their Coral Research project they selected KENT Systems. As I recall, they were looking for a quick coupling that was easy enough to use in the challenging underwater environment Says Lyle Sampson plant manager at KENT
  • Quick Disconnects
    MDC Quick-Disconnects provide a fast and convenient method for coupling and uncoupling metal and glass tubing. They can be welded, brazed, or soldered to flanges, manifolds, chambers, and other vacuum equipment. Quick-Disconnects are ideal for mounting ion gauges, thermocouple gauges, special test
  • Taking Advantage of Coupling Configurability
    is installed. From the mechanical perspective it is usually coupling elements which need to be changed to adapt to new dimensions. This is why QD or similar bushings are typically used with V-Belt sheaves. If drive speeds change, a fairly quick sheave swap is all that is required. If a new gearbox
  • Choosing a Quick Disconnect Coupler
    TEMPERATURE - Know your minimum and maximum temperature range. Standard temperature tolerances range from -40º F to 200º F depending on coupler material. PRESSURE - What is the maximum pressure your coupling will need to withstand during operation? Quick disconnects rated to 250 psi will handle
  • A guide to the selection of quick clamping systems for plastic injection moulds
    Fast and simple mould changing is vital to the efficient operation of many injection moulding installations. After operators have reduced mould changeover times by, for example, using quick release mould connectors, installing multi coupling plates and automatic mould transfer mechanisms
  • KENT Systems: A Comparison
    The KENT Systems quarter turn quick coupling system is an uncomplicated and revolutionary design. Our quarter turn locking system is a superior design to other coupling methods. A cam activated double valve that easily shuts-off flow to the couplings when disconnected. (The benefit of this feature
  • Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Hard, Surface Enhancement Applied On International Space Station's Quick Disconnect Couplings Eliminates Wear, Leaks, and Contamination
    Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Hard, Surface Enhancement Applied On International Space Station's Quick Disconnect Couplings Eliminates Wear, Leaks, and Contamination. In the harsh vacuum and low temperatures of outer space, the valves on quick disconnect couplings (QDCs) on the International Space Station (ISS
  • KENT Systems Product Training
    The first thing to keep in mind is that the KENT Systems couplings are first and foremost quick couplings. A quick coupling allows is a user to easily connect and disconnect tubing from a pneumatic or fluid system thousands of times, much the same way that people use a power cable. The foundation
  • MICRO: Products In Action
    can be contaminated by the metallic spring in the flow path of most couplings. A new, patented design from Colder Products (St. Paul, MN) eliminates both of these problems and has other advantages as well. The ChemQuik CQN08 series quick-disconnect couplings were developed forhigh-flow, ultrapure