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  • Measurement of Greenhouse Gases Using the Multi-Gas Monitor
    Global Warming The earth is warmed by the sun. Over time, the amount of energy transmitted to the earths surface is equal to the amount of energy radiated back into space in the form of infrared radiation, while the temperature of the earths stays virtually constant. However, the temperature
  • Effect of color pigments on the hardness of thermoplastics at different temperatures
    the electronic components inside meet demanding specifications, the housings of switches and fuses should also resist varied environmental factors such as. moisture, UV radiation and heat/cold. To ensure long service life and proper insulation of the electronics encased therein, it is necessary to monitor
  • Hubble Tracks the Fading Optical Counterpart of a Gamma-Ray Burst
    in the universe. The so-called optical counterpart is presumably a cooling fireball from the catastrophic event that triggered the massive burst of invisible gamma rays the highest-energy radiation in the universe. This event may have unleashed as much energy in a few seconds as the Sun does in ten billion
  • Medical Device Link .
    evacuators, filter and monitor housings, and a variety of valves and meters. "Our customers find that NAS products deliver value in clear applications, meet USP Class VI specifications, and can be sterilized by either gamma radiation or EtO methods, " says Richard Speir, Nova Chemicals European
  • Wireless Sensor Network Aids Travelers in Parking Their Cars and Trucks
    event detection, such as a car passing, to maximizing battery life. UCLA Center for Embedded Networked Sensing, Most systems that monitor parking- lot occupancy are installed when the parking structure is built. But there are many existing structures that could benefit from an occupancy- monitoring
  • MICRO:March 1998:Product Technology News (p.122)
    separator is placed between each wafer during the packing mode and removed during the unpacking mode. An OCR system with host interfacing helps maintain process integrity. The LA-920 particle-size analyzer can monitor CMP slurry aging and detect the presence of large agglomerates that can scratch wafer
  • Medical Device Link .
    Safety: Putting the Power in Medical Electronics Specifying the right power supply for the application is critical to ensuring the safety of medical electronics. Medical equipment used to diagnose, treat, or monitor is designed to come into contact with the patient. Patients may be unconscious

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