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    Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas has designed and manufactured antennas for Thales for use on Section 2 of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) project between Fawkham Junction in Kent and London St Pancras International station. Section 2 of the CTRL includes the provision of 65km of new
  • MityDSP (R)-L138F Software Defined Radio Using uPP Data Transfer
    Critical Link was approached by a customer who needed to develop a spread spectrum radio transceiver for several applications. The end result of this project was a prototype system that has been used as a proof-of-concept for several applications. The combination of TI's OMAP-L138 DSP+ARM (R
  • Remote Communication with a Train via GPS
    CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the datalogging solution for a major sugar cane grower using a wireless radio link to communicate with a sugar train running on an extensive rail network around the plant. Over time the customer had experienced breakdowns in their communications links which led
  • Smart Computing Article - Bluetooth Freedom
    July 2000 Vol.8 Issue 7 Page(s) 30-31 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Connecting The World Without Cables The Bluetooth radio link allows for the potential connection of some very unique things in the future. Your Bluetooth refrigerator senses that there hasn't been any milk inside
  • Extending 2.4 GHz ZigBee Short Range Radio Performance with Skyworks Front-End Modules
    The IEEE Std 802.15.4TM-2003 [2] sets the requirements for the -85 dBm one percent. packet error ratio (PER) minimum sensitivity. The 2.4 GHz receiver link uses offset. quadrature phase-shift keying (O-QPSK) modulation with direct sequence spreading. spectrum (DSSS) techniques. The main benefit
  • Getting Past the Hype of RFID
    This quick, one-time registration gives you access to members-only site benefits. The story goes that, with radio frequency identification (RFID) equipment costs coming down and payback times shrinking, the era of ubiquitous RFID is upon us. Not so fast. Or, rather, not so cheap. Most insiders
  • Pfizer s Staver on RFID: Technology Isn t the Only Solution
    and we tell everybody it s there. There s even a text message on the side of the bottle that says, This package contains a radio frequency device. We re trying to be open with consumers to let them know we re not spying on them. We re collecting no patient information. We re just trying
  • Smart Computing Article - The Pocket Guide To The Internet
    The Pocket Guide To The Internet May 1999 Vol.7 Issue 5 Add To My Personal Library The Pocket Guide To The Internet Terms That Will Help You Master The 'Net By now, you have no doubt been barraged by Internet terms. It seems you can't watch television, listen to the radio, read a newspaper
  • The Access Network - Evolution From Separate Simple Services To A Fully Flexible Environment
    The technology which now enables us all to be part of one large global community is impressive. Fibre optic cables cross oceans, networks of satellites link continents and sophisticated management software keeps it all working. Yet all of this would be wasted without the humble access network
  • Is 5G Technology Safe?
    to the entire spectrum of light and radio waves that naturally occur in the universe. This spectrum includes radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, and visible light. We categorize different kinds of radiation based on where they lie on the spectrum. The spectrum ranges from low-frequency radiation like radio waves