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  • Computer Power User Article - RAID Workshop
    as an easy way to increase disk performance, but the native RAID controllers available today offer numerous other RAID modes that may be more beneficial, depending on your typical usage scenario. By now you know that you can use RAID 1 to mirror data on a pair of drives to keep your data safe
  • Computer Power User Article - Tech White Paper:Intel Matrix RAID
    backup. On the downside, RAID 0's nonredundant nature puts your data at higher risk of loss, and RAID 1 spends half of your drive space on backup copies. And if you want a combination of RAID 0's speed and RAID 1's redundancy, you'll need to buy even more hard drives and possibly a controller card
  • Computer Power User Article - White Paper: Netcell's SPUs
    . Revolution handles almost all aspects of data management, freeing the CPU to perform other tasks. It s tempting to think of the Revolution SPU as a RAID controller. Netcell s SPU does use RAID 3 technology, and both types of products provide some sort of protection against hard drive failures
  • Computer Power User Article - Targeting Socket 754
    the ASUS book but went one step further by offering the newer 802.11e/g standards. An additional two controllers from the external Promise 20378 controller and three IDE channels support native dual SATA RAID controllers. RAID options are aplenty, and you can even set up two dual-drive RAID 0 arrays
  • Smart Computing Article - Basic Troubleshooting- Hard Drives
    . If an expansion card handles data flow to your hard drive (the drive s data cable connects to a card instead of the motherboard), it might be listed under SCSI And RAID Controllers instead. When you suspect your hard drive is having problems, before you do anything else, open your computer s case
  • Computer Power User Article - High Performance Mobos
    is available, and we found that with 2-2-3-6 SPD timings no voltage adjustments were required for the DDR400 memory (from Crucial). Onboard IDE/RAID lets you connect up to four devices, but ASUS also threw in a Promise RAID 0, 1 controller for a couple of extras. The two 1394 ports are the older, slower
  • Computer Power User Article - SOYO SY-KT600 Dragon Ultra Platinum
    southbridge features an integrated Serial ATA controller for RAID 0 and RAID 1 array capabilities and speeds up to 150MBps with two devices. The Silicone Image controller located below the four SATA ports features a red activity LED and supports an additional two devices for a total of four SATA drives
  • Computer Power User Article - AMD Sempron 3100+ & ASUS K8V SE Deluxe
    includes the VT8237 southbridge, which handles the board's two standard IDE ports and two of the SATA ports (a Promise controller handles the RAID IDE port and the other two SATA connectors). The K8V SE also has a K8T800 northbridge (the socket 939 boards have the Pro version). The K8V SE Deluxe scores

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