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  • Entry Gates-Image
    Entry Gates - (301 companies)
    Entry gates are hinged partitions that allow access to designated areas. They are used in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Some products are purely functional while others combine security capabilities with decorative features...
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  • Gate Valves-Image
    Gate Valves - (1163 companies)
    Gate valves and knife valves are linear motion valves in which a flat closure element slides into the media stream to shut off flow. Gate valves (also known as knife valves or slide valves) are linear motion valves in which a flat closure element...
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  • Power Entry Modules-Image
    Power Entry Modules - (61 companies)
    Power entry modules are composed of a connector and a mounting case with features to produce the highly conditioned output necessary for medical or sensitive instrumentation. These features can include: EMI line-filters. On/off switches. Built-in...
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  • Gate Drivers-Image
    Gate Drivers - (93 companies)
    Gate drivers are electronic circuits that apply correct power levels to metal-oxide field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) and insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). With power-MOSFETs, gate drivers can be implemented as transformers, discrete...
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  • Industrial Safety Gates-Image
    Industrial Safety Gates - (114 companies)
    ...control, two-way flow control, one-at-a-time flow control, alarm-actuated entry and exit, blocked barrier entry, or a safety interlock component. Industrial safety gates that incorporate other technologies to protect plant personnel and property...
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    Logic Gates - (90 companies)
    Logic gates are electronic circuits that combine digital signals according to boolean algebra. Logic gates are circuits with electronically controlled switches that combine digital signals according to Boolean algebra. In binary math, bits have only...
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    Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) - (128 companies)
    Insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) are bipolar transistors with an insulated gate. They combine the advantages of the bipolar transistor (high voltage and current) with the advantages of the MOSFET (low power consumption and high switching...
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    Water Control Gates - (50 companies)
    Water control gates are used to control the mass flow of water or wastewater in various environmental and process applications. They are usually square and rectangular in shape and made of stainless steel or galvanized aluminum. Types...
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    Gate Drive Transformers - (33 companies)
    Gate drive transformers are used to modify the voltage level to a gate. They also provide impedance matching and voltage isolation. Most gate drive transformers are used with high-speed switching devices such as field effect transistor (FET...
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    Gate Turn-off (GTO) Thyristors - (23 companies)
    Gate turn-off thyristors (GTOs) are four-layer PNPN devices that act as switches, rectifiers, and voltage regulators. Like other thyristors, GTOs can be turned on by the application of a positive gate signal (g > 0); however, unlike other more...
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  • Impact of gate width of corral traps in potential wild pig trapping success
    Mean entries of adult wild pigs, per day, into baited corral traps through 4 different gate widths on the Gersbach Ranch in Bartlett, Texas, USA, during June–August 2012.
  • Nile River Basin
    District councils managing National parks Gate entry fees from tourists Rebates given to hotels Tour lodges Group ranches .
  • Federal Register > Wednesday, August 27, 2003 > [68 FR 51526] Special Regulations; Areas of the National Park System
    In Grand Teton and the Parkway, all snowmobile parties traveling north from Flagg Ranch must be accompanied … Thus, in the winter of 2003-2004, eighty percent of the authorized entries via the South Gate at YNP are allocated to commercially guided parties, and twenty percent to individuals without guides.
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  • An insider's view of the lockdown at Moonbi during the Australian equine influenza outbreak
    • NSW DPI, RLPB, Fire Brigade and security personnel stationed on the entry /exit gate and remained there 24 h for the remainder of lockdown. • Horses from Carroll’s Ranch showed flu-like systems.
  • noun.location (
    … Florida containing an immense subtropical wilderness with mangrove swamps and rare birds and wild animals) } { Gates _of_the_Arctic_National_Park, … #p (a national park in Virginia for the Blue Ridge Mountains) } { Theodore_Roosevelt_Memorial_National_Park, national_park,@i North_Dakota,#p (a national park in North Dakota that includes the site of former President Theodore Roosevelt's ranch ) } { Virgin_Islands_National_Park, national_park,@i Virgin_Islands … … enter or to which entry is .
    The parks and ranches comprise the greater Tsavo Conservation Area, which lies between 04.20° S, 37 … … at a community cattle dip-tank at Bachuma (an area adjacent to the Tsavo East National Park), and from a small herd of cattle held at the Maktau gate of Tsavo West National Park because of illegal entry into the park, as …
  • Relationships between perceived features and similarity of images: A test of Tversky's contrast model
    entry -number farm farm-hands farmhouse father female female-rider fence fenced fences fencing four-humans four-men frustrated-rider frustration fun gates girl glasses gloomy grass grasses green-pastures grey-sky hat hats help helping hills … … prairie-grass preparing-for-a-race print-shirt putting-number-on race rail-fence ranch ranch-house ranch-life …
  • Fencing for Conservation
    The design adopted by the ranch , to fence only the perimeter of a 900-ha management area … Potential for preda- tor entry , as well as electrical malfunctions, washouts and physical damage, is likely to … … m, until they found where the electric wires were discontinued such as at gates left for the …
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