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  • Power Factor
    Power Factor (pf) is the ratio of real power to total power. Real, or productive power, is the actual power used in a building, measured in kilowatts (kW). Reactive power generates the magnetic field for inductive loads such as motors, transformers, lighting ballasts, etc. Reactive power
  • Power Factor
    is the product of rms (root mean square) volts and rms amps. (VA, volt-amps). B. Real power, which is the time average of the instantaneous product of voltage and current. (Watts). C. Reactive power, which is the time average of the instantaneous product of the voltage and current,. with current
  • Application of Electromechanical Contactors for Power Factor Correction
    Contactors for Power Factor Correction New capacitors place additional demands on contactors to keep power circuits balanced. Ind. Control Div., Eaton Corp. * Electrical power sources supply two types of power to inductive loads: real power in kW and reactive power in VAR. * Power-factor correction
  • AN1106, Power Factor Correction in Power Conversion Applications Using the dsPIC (R) DSC
    network losses, the total * Working, or Active Powerharmonic content, and the radiated emissions become * Reactive Powersignificantly higher. At power levels of more than 500 watts, these problems become more pronounced. Working Power is the power that is actually consumed and registered
  • Computer Power User Article - Towers Of Power
    hothouse. We also increasingly use oversized heatsinks, and really, who ever heard of showing off reactive UV gear in a desktop? If you want power, here are some of today s most promising towers put under the microscope. Do you remember our review of Cooler Master s CM Stacker (August 2004 , page 25
  • VFD's Can Be Used to Improve Input Power Factor
    to accommodate the real power being consumed, but it must also accommodate the reactive (non work producing) component flowing within the system.
  • Computer Power User Article - BIOS Performance Boosters
    are flashy and feature several UV-reactive components, but they also incorporate many features that appeal to the power user crowd, such as integrated reset buttons, round cables, and removable onboard audio. The 925X-T2 represents DFI's uppermost offering for Intel Pentium 4 processors, and it's armed
  • Computer Power User Article - Light My Fire
    Space-age case badges plug into your power system and provide a super-bright glow. In addition to old-school LEDs, you can buy laser-emitting diodes, which are a little different. While regular LEDs discharge light out the sides and tips of their transparent housing, laser-emitting diodes discharge

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