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  • Self-Calibrating Infrared Thermometer for Low-Temperature Measurement
    Applications for this self-calibration method include low-temperature measurement in the food industry and infrared thermometers for remote temperature monitoring in cold climates.
  • Thermal visualization on cooking
    RangeFinder measures the surface temperature of the food while cooking using a remote infrared thermometer , and projects useful information directory onto the cookware or food itself.
  • Design of intelligent interiors
    RangeFinder is a remote infrared thermometer that measures the surface temperature of food in pans on the range and projects the food temperature and cooking time directly onto the cabinet, counter, cookware and the food itself RangeFinder can determine when food reaches…
  • Spatial user interface : augmenting human sensibilities in a domestic kitchen
    RangeFinder is a remote infrared thermometer that measures the surface temperature of the food being cooked.
  • Laws and of bylaw
    a space segregated by the separation space to the production yon meat preparation for mixture of other foodstuffs and to the Umhfillen besttickt with a temperature recorder or a remote thermometer .
  • New technology for moisture and temperature measurements.
    Aspects considered include: infrared thermometers for surface temp. readings; dataloggers for monitoring temp. at the centre of foods ; remote temp. monitoring during transport; indirect methods used for moisture measurement (electromagnetic aquametry, radio-frequency, microwaves); and direct methods for moisture determination (moisture analysers…
  • Fuels, fire boxes
    The number read in the telescope of the Scalentheile is the larger than that number read on the thermometer of the Theilstriche, so, butter is to consider … foreign fats suspiciously and to transfer a tested food means chemist for incoming…
  • Thermal Processing of Packaged Foods
    The main advantages of PRTs over mercury-in-glass thermometers are:. .... (a) Digital displays are less prone to reading errors; (b) The ability to measure temperatures in remote places and display the readings locally; (c) The ability to … tolerances; (e) The elimination of mercury and glass from the food -processing environment; (f) Improved…
  • Dubbel
    …Fuzzy-function module X 14 fork lift trucks U 63 gallery method F 5 galvanic to 2 function context F 2 floor heating D 24, M 25 feed grinding machines T 95 … radiation D 35 gas thermometers D 2 gas turbine … 5 -, CO2 emission L 6 -, Dispatching L 5 -, natural gas promotion L 5 -, remote gas line network…
  • Assistive Technology for Visually Impaired and Blind People
    Features of a typical accessible food thermometer . .... Remote temperature monitoring seems to be of interest to sighted as well as vi- sually impaired people.