Products/Services for Removable Non-metallic Bollard

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    Bollards - (207 companies)
    ...and as decorative rail supports. Cast iron - Used in landscaping and for mooring ships. Chrome-plated steel - Used for aesthetic appeal. Rubber bollards - Used where flexibility is important. Plastic - Used for removable bollard covers and lightweight bollards...
  • Posts, Spacers, and Standoffs-Image
    Posts, Spacers, and Standoffs - (443 companies)
    Posts, spacers and standoffs are threaded and used in applications where boards, plates, or other items need to be fastened to each other.
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    Washers - (1163 companies)
    ...the slot is the same width as the "center hole," allowing the washer to be removed, replaced, or inserted without completely removing the fastener. Image Credit:TE-CO, Inc. D-shape washers have a flat edge cut away on the parameter. They are mounted...
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    Specialty Ceramics - (137 companies)
    Specialty ceramics include nitrides, borides, carbon, zirconia, rare earth oxide (REO) materials and silicides as well as other specialized non-metallic compounds. How to Select Specialty Ceramics. Specialty ceramics include nitrides, borides...
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    Industrial Ceramic Materials - (383 companies)
    How to Select Industrial Ceramic Materials. Industrial ceramic materials are non-metallic, inorganic compounds that include oxides, carbides, or nitrides. They have high melting points, low wear resistance, and a wide range of electrical properties...
    Cable Carriers - (136 companies)
    ...removable sections for ease of periodic cable maintenance. Types of Cable Carriers. There are two basic types of cable carriers: open and enclosed. Open cable carriers use crossbars to contain the conduits. Enclosed cable carriers cover the conduits...
    Laboratory Degassers - (35 companies)
    Laboratory degassers are used to filter or remove gases from solvents and samples. The primary methods employed include vacuum degassing, flow degassing and helium degassing. Flow degassers function via a gentle flow of dry gas over the surface...
    Thin Film Sources - (72 companies)
    Parameters are set so that optimum film boiling occurs within thin film evaporators. Ion beam milling removes etches at a rate 3 to 10 times faster than the resist protectant thus preserving the material and features underneath the resist. Thin film...
    Aspirators - (11 companies)
    Aspirators are suction devices used to remove mucus and other bodily fluids from a patient. Aspirators are medical devices commonly used to remove bodily fluids, such as mucus, from a patient via a vacuum mechanism. The aspirator's portability lends...
    Thin Film Equipment - (310 companies) the surface of the substrate or wafer. Plasma ashing, plasma cleaning, sputter etching, sputter pre-cleaning, or ion milling are processes that use plasma to remove layers of material from a substrate or wafer for cleaning purposes. In rapid thermal...

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