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  • Backflow Preventers-Image
    Backflow Preventers - (126 companies)
    Backflow preventers are assemblies with two check valves and two shut-off valves that prevent reverses in process flow. They may also include test cocks for each chamber within the assembly. Backflow preventers have a variety of applications...
  • Check Valves-Image
    Check Valves - (1883 companies)
    ...that permit gases and liquids to flow in only one direction, preventing process flow from reversing. They are classified as one-way directional valves. Fluid flow in the desired direction opens the valve, while backflow forces the valve closed...
  • Drains and Drain Systems-Image
    Drains and Drain Systems - (369 companies)
    Drains and drain systems are used to capture and remove water to prevent accidents, flooding or other hazardous conditions. Drains and drain systems are used to capture and remove water to prevent accidents, flooding, or other hazardous conditions...
  • Sewage Pumps-Image
    Sewage Pumps - (398 companies)
    Sewage pumps are used to pump effluents, semi-solids and small solids in liquids. Sewage pumps are used to pump effluents, semi-solids, and small solids in a variety of commercial, industrial, maritime, municipal, and wastewater treatment...
  • Industrial Valves-Image
    Industrial Valves - (2996 companies)
    ...flow in the oppose direction forces the valve closed. These valves are important for preventing backflow to systems in applications such as wastewater management. Video Credit: / CC BY-SS 4.0. Method of Control. The mechanism to control...
    Blowout Preventers - (37 companies)
    Blowout preventers (BOPs) are specialized valve assemblies that prevent uncontrolled flow of formation fluid during well drilling operations. Several assemblies are typically stacked to create a fail-safe mechanism. Blowout preventers (BOPs...
    Piping Systems - (136 companies)
    ...piping systems also have special requirements. Parts, components, and accessories for commercial and industrial piping systems include nipples, hangars, weld rings, heaters, valves, cylinders, clamps, and repair couplings. Backflow preventers...
    Jet Pumps - (120 companies)
    ...or target resevoir. It receives fluid into the system and feeds the pump, filters debris and sediment from entering the system, and maintains the pump prime, preventing backflow. Jet pump system, indicating its various components. Image Credit...
    Wastewater Pumps - (471 companies)
    ...pump, include a diaphragm and chamber, as well as suction and discharge check valves to prevent backflow. Types. A variety of specialized wastewater pumps are available. Agitator pumps deliver kinetic energy to slurry solids surrounding the pump intake...
    Grinder Pumps - (138 companies)
    ...through the pressure pipe on to the sewage system. This sewage pump ensures that solids are processed as they leave the storage tank and helps to keep septic pipes clear of debris. Grinder pumps that are part of a residential septic system typically...

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