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  • Laminating Resin Cure
    Epoxy-glass laminate constructions are used in the majority of rigid printed circuit boards. The epoxy resin cure and resulting mechanical properties are very dependent upon the accurate formulation of the glass laminate resin coating solution.
  • Sealless Resin Pumps
    The design of sealless internal gear pumps makes them an engineered solution for environmentally conscious fluid-handling that lowers maintenance costs and eliminates environmental costs-all of which are primary concerns when manufacturing, handling and transporting resins. The pump removes
  • Epoxy Resin Crystallization
    If you have ever used an epoxy resin, you have likely experienced crystallization. Crystallization shows up as cloudiness, free floating crystals, crystal masses, or as a completely solidified mass. It is the same process that causes honey to crystallize at home. The crystallization phenomenon
  • Where Can You Find Current Resin Prices?
    Keeping an eye on resin prices can help you determine if your supplier's pricing is fair, or if it's time to look for a new supplier. As you research resin prices, be aware that there is no one definitive source for this information. There are simply too many factors that go into determining resin
  • New resin helps make direct manufacturing practical
    A second-generation noncrystalline, nanoparticle stereolithography (SL) resin lets VG Kunststofftechnik in Germany manufacture limited production runs of small, detailed parts. VG Kunststofftechnik uses NanoForm 15120 to regularly produce up to 200 directly manufactured parts for pre and limited
  • PE Resin / Polyolefins / Bulk Polymer Compounding
    There are a number of well known PE polymerization licenses which are applied in 80% of the world's PE Base Resin production lines. The main licenses are Unipol, Himont and Borstar. Two examples are shown at right. In each case there is a continuous stream of PE powder (fluff) being produced, which
  • New PCT Compound for LED Reflector Resin
    Light-emitting diodes (LED), as a new light source, are being used more and more as display backlight and general lighting. Due to the increase of brightness and electrical current of LED packaging (PKG), there are demanding requirements of LED re ector resins on heat. and light stability. A high
  • Tech Tip 16 - Understanding & Preventing Epoxy Resin Bleed
    Epoxy resin separation ("resin bleed or bleed out") is a phenomenon that can take place when working with filled, adhesive systems dispensed onto various surfaces/substrates. It is often described as a clear, colorless or amber organic stain, surrounding the die attach epoxy; appearing as a shadow

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