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  • TMR Magnetic Sensor Technology Development History
    was gradual on the TMR effect over the next decade or so. The Spin-Dependent Tunneling (SDT) effect is the physical mechanism of the resistance change that one measures as TMR.
  • Medical Device Link .
    A decade or so ago, when pharmaceutical companies were enjoying the profit from blockbuster products, the emphasis was on bringing new products to market as soon as possible with little regard for device cost. To some extent, this culture still prevails. Drug costs can outweigh device costs
  • Low Friction, Hard, and Corrosion Resistant (.pdf)
    The surface treatments used in the manufacturing of parts for the automotive industry have to meet both functional and decorative requirements. The functional demands on modern automotive systems include increased load and corrosion resistance, a longer life span, and the reduction of weight
  • Plastics for the long haul
    a wide range of temperatures. Hostaform acetal copolymer (lightcolored parts) and Fortron PPS ( darkcolored parts) possess excellent fuel resistance and dimensional stability under these conditions. Acetal copolymer (POM) and homopolyer (POM-H) have good dimensional stability, resist chemicals
  • Spherical-roller bearings graduate to a new class
    forward in bearing technology. The bearings, called the Explorer Series, are the culmination of a decade of research into bearing steels, internal geometry, and the design of each individual component. New production methods were also necessary to transform design theory into tangible products. The end
  • Medical Device Link .
    began looking for nonallergenic alternatives to natural rubber latex (NRL) more than a decade ago, when the number of reported cases of allergic reactions to latex started increasing dramatically. NRL is a highly elastic, very-low-durometer material exhibiting high tear resistance and high elongation
  • MICRO: Transistorama
    Prashant Majhi, Huang-Chun Wen, Husam Alshareef, H. Rusty Harris, Hongfa Luan, Kisik Choi, C. S. Park, Seung-Chul Song, Byoung Hun Lee, and Raj Jammy, Nearly a decade has passed since the semiconductor industry began a serious evaluation of high-k materials as potential gate dielectrics
  • Medical Device Link .
    . This is an increasing concern, as progressively younger individuals become candidates for joint replacement surgery. Implant recipients who are older can expect a total joint replacement to last a decade or more without needing significant changes to the technology. However, because younger implant recipients are more
  • Medical Device Link .
    Inc. (Research Triangle Park, NC). She can be reached by e-mail at Genomics, the science of discovering, locating, and characterizing genes in organisms, has grown explosively over the past decade. This growth has been spurred in part by the strong interest of the diagnostic and pharmaceutical
  • How to develop a soft touch
    with the transparent Terlux MABS material from BASF Corp., Florham Park, N.J., to boost the housing chemical resistance while still letting the shaver's inner workings be seen. Good chemical resistance reportedly comes from a higher acrylonitrile content in the Terlux. The Terlux is also said

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