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  • A New Method for Creating Sloped Resist Profiles Using Mask Structures
    A common photolithography requirement is to generate a slope in a developed resist pattern prior to etch. To generate the sloped profile the resist is either exposed out of focus, hard baked after develop to flow the resist, or eroded as part of the subsequent etch process. Each of these options
  • Eliminating heavily implanted resist in sub-0.25- um devices
    in photoresist removal are emerging as device geometries shrink and new materials and manufacturing methods are introduced. The removal of implanted resist is one of the most important of these challenges. Although it involves relatively few mask steps (10 15%), the effective, efficient removal
  • Wind Power Is Getting Too Good To Resist
    Better airfoils, constant-frequency power production, and zero pollution let wind energy rival traditional sources. Modern wind turbines won't be a main power source for a developed country any time soon, but with the capability of generating electricity at about 6 cents/kWh without pollution, it's
  • How to Build Industrial Computers that Resist Vibration and Shock
    Anybody can assemble a basic computer, but designing an industrial computer is a challenge of far greater scale and complexity. Industrial computers are usually fanless and cable-free, and must endure intense vibrations and shock in harsh operating environments such as moving vehicles.
  • Silicone Lenses for LEDs Resist UV and High-Temperature Operation
    Over the years, various materials have been used for optics attached closely to the LED chip, beginning with epoxy used directly for the housing of the well-known 5mm LEDs, for example. Today, materials such as PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate, also known as perspex or acrylic), PMMI (polymethyl
  • Material Selection Guide for Corrosion Resistance of SVF Valve Construction
    No one material can be expected to resist the corrosive action of the wide variety of media found in the complex. industries of today.
  • Extension Springs Characteristics
    Extension springs are designed to resist a pulling force, returning to a tightly wound coil when the force is removed.
  • MICRO: Special apps
    Nga P. Pham and Pasqualina M. Sarro, ; and Jurgen Bertens and Lucas van den Brekel, The cost of the photoresist coating process is a major component of the cost of ownership in semiconductor manufacturing. Minimizing the volume of resist used in coating applications results in lower manufacturing

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