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  • Sensors Reference Guide: One Sensor, Multiple Targets
    magnetostriction as a feedback mechanism. * A single linear sensor monitors 20 positions. * Time to read 20 positions matches that of a single position. * Strokes over 5,000 mm, accuracy of +-20 mm, and resolutions of 1 mm. Magnetostrictive Sensors For Bottle Filling Sensor electronics send out
  • One Sensor, Multiple Targets
    It is often advantageous to have a single sensor monitor more than one feedback parameter. This is now possible in the case of a linear-position sensor that can track as many as 20 moving positions along its axis. The sensor uses magnetostriction as a feedback mechanism. Sensor electronics send out
  • Instrument and control
    action and are self-aligning on assembly. Thus as the front knob turns the roller contacts move radially, held in and guided by an insulated slot in the rotor arm. These switches come as both maintained and spring-return types. Maintained switches employ a starwheel mechanism to hold the switch
  • MICRO: Tool/Fab Support
    by the filter. In other words, once a prescribed volume of photoresist has been processed, defect levels return to near- prefiltration levels. This type of performance indicates that the filter surface relies on an adsorptive mechanism to remove contamination. In such cases, the membrane surface
  • Characterizing a rapid thermal annealing process to improve sensor yield
    between the plates. Frequently, the movement of the sensing elements is modeled as a spring and dashpot mechanism: that is, there is a resistance to displacement from an applied force (spring) and a resistance to the return from that displacement (dashpot). The primary parameter for the resistance
  • Medical Device Link .
    the screw. The S-series units incorporate many of the features found on Husky's E- and G-series machines. A hydromechanical clamp has a bayonet-style locking mechanism attached to the clamp piston. This design eliminates the shut-height adjustment on the tie bars and reduces the maintenance required

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