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  • Waste Receiving and Processing Facility Module 2A: Advanced Conceptual Design Report. Volume 3B
    Compressed air is supplied to the dust collector to reverse the air flow through the filter bags, shaking loose the dust collected on the bags.
  • Cement kiln baghouse 20 year life cycle comparison jet pulse vs. reverse air
    2.2.b “Up- Flow ” Operation The dust -laden gas enters the reverse air collector near the top of the hopper, below the tube sheet level.
    The air containing entrained dust reverses its flow and moves through the exhaust duct system to the cyclonic collectors , where the dust is removed.
    manifold with integral blower travels constantly inside the collector from screen to screen, separately cleaning each vertical row free of dust by re- versing the flow of air .
  • Air driers based on heating
    The dried air then proceeds through the flow - reverse valve 6 to the ceramic filter 7 where it is freed of dust and through the air collector 8 which is located outside the unit housing to the consumer.
  • Materials Handling Handbook 2nd Edition Complete Document
    … 424 Site-planning, 30 principles, 30 Size and weight profiling stations, 305 on the fly, 305 Sizing and selecting dust -collection components, 1151-1157 automatic air flow control valve, 1155 continuous automatic reverse air filter, 1155 cyclone collector , 1155 fans, 1155 filter …
  • Thermal Spray Fundamentals
    It prevents the reverse flow of air from outside into the spray booth when the exhaust system is off and also the back flow of smoke in case of a fire in the dust collector [16].
  • Fluid Mechanics Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer: Chemical Engineering Practice
    … 433 Residence time, 526 Retentate, 685 Retrograde condensation, 573 Retrograde phenomena, 572 Retrograde vaporization, 573 Reverse Carnot cycle, 371 Reverse osmosis (RO), 455, 684 … … Seal strips, 292 Secondary air , 432 Sedimentation, 486 Seebeck … … 616 Segregation, 190, 191 dusting segregation, 191 fluidization segregation … … 587, 593 Selectivity of a membrane, 685 Self-cleaning heat exchanger, 308 Self-priming pump, 109 Separation factor, 567, 593 Separation of azeotropes, 563 Sequencing columns, 562 Series flow arrangements, 407, 408 Sessile … … SO3 absorption, 532 Solar collector , 427 Solar constant, 425 …