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  • Dual RF Wireless Redundancy (.pdf)
    According a recent VDC report, more than 40% of wireless users are concerned about interference, and this issue is even more important for industrial and critical applications. Interference normally occurs at a particular frequency, so if we can use 2 or more different frequencies to communicate
  • Types of RF Modules
    An RF Wireless Module is a small electronic device used to transmit or receive radio signals between two devices. Such modules are complex to build and requires careful monitoring in the manufacturing process. RF Modules are used in many data transferring devices such as wifi, Bluetooth and much
  • Switchmode RF Power Amplifiers
    Switchmode RF Power Amplifiers. Switching mode RF amplifiers have become a hot area of RF/wireless design. This book explores both the theory behind switching mode RF amplifiers and design techniques for them.
  • Factors Influencing RF Module Communication
    An RF module is a small electronic device designed for transmission and reception of radio signals between two devices. As the name suggests, these modules operate at radio frequency and transmit signals in the form of electromagnetic energy waves. Transmission through RF Wireless Modules is better
  • Wireless and secure
    , " needs no carrier frequency, as do other RF-wireless-network or communication technologies. UWB instead transmits a flood of ultrashort microwave pulses (on the order of 100 picosec in duration) that extend over an extremely wide band of energy covering several gigahertz. "By spreading impulse energy
  • Wireless USB for the factory
    a radio link. The use of RF on wireless USB lets the peripheral sit as far as 30 ft away, though the highest transmission speeds come if the separation is only 10 ft or less. And the peripheral needn't be
  • RF System Design of Transceivers for Wireless Communications
    RF System Design of Transceivers for Wireless Communications. Addressing specifications that are critical for the design process, this book develops systematic methods for RF systems design, complete with a comprehensive set of design formulas.
  • RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications, Second Edition
    RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications, Second Edition. Supported with nearly 200 illustrations, this book offers practitioners a comprehensive, practical, and up-to-date understanding of how to tackle a PA (power amplifier) design with confidence and quickly determine the cause

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