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    Optical Isolators - (82 companies)
    Optical isolators are passive optical devices that allow light to be transmitted in only one direction. They are most often used to prevent any light from reflecting back down the fiber, as this light would enter the source and cause backscattering...
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    Signal Isolators - (151 companies)
    Signal isolators provide electrical (galvanic) isolation between the input and output circuits. They couple the signal to the output through a transformer or optical isolator. Signal isolators also break the direct electrical (galvanic) path between...
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    Lasers - (675 companies)
    ...source (also referred to as pump or pump source), a gain medium (or laser medium), and an optical resonator formed by two or more optical lenses. The image of a deconstructed laser pointer below illustrates these three components; more information...
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    Gloveboxes and Isolators - (108 companies)
    How to Select Gloveboxes and Isolators. Gloveboxes and isolators are used to contain hazardous substances or materials that must not come in contact with the outside environment. They protect both the personnel and the isolated substance...
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    Bearing Isolators - (46 companies)
    Bearing isolators are dynamic seals designed to protect bearings from outside contaminants. They are comprised of a rotor (rotating) and stator (stationary) member. Bearing isolators are dynamic seals designed to protect bearings from outside...
    IC Interfaces - (489 companies)
    GPRS), low-voltage CMOS (LVCMOS), synchronous optical network (SONET), subscriber identification modules (SIM), small computer systems interface (SCSI), and the VersaModule Eurocard bus (VMEbus). Peripheral component interconnect (PCI), compact PCI...
    Battery Isolators - (16 companies)
    Battery Isolators divide DC current so that it only allows the current to flow in one direction for each battery. This enables charging of more than one battery from a one power source without connecting the batteries together. A battery isolator...
    GPIB Expanders and GPIB Isolators - (4 companies)
    GPIB expanders allow the system to interface with more than the maximum number of devices specified in IEEE 488.1. GPIB isolators are used to electrically isolate two GPIB networks. GPIB expanders allow the system to interface with more than...
    RF Isolators and RF Circulators - (129 companies)
    RF isolators and RF circulators are passive devices used to control the propagation of an RF signal. RF isolators and RF circulators are passive devices that are used to control the propagation of RF signals. RF isolators are two-port units...
    Optical Windows - (258 companies)
    Optical windows are used to isolate different physical environments while allowing light to pass relatively unimpeded. Window types available are plane windows or Brewster windows. Plane windows can come wedged or parallel and are designed to have...

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  • Locally pixel‐compensated backlight dimming on LED‐backlit LCD TV
    However, the usage of an optical isolator between lamp groups may cause blocking artifacts around the bound- ary of two neighboring lamp groups and poor color mixing (for RGB -LED).
  • Subject Index
    Faraday effect on-chip integration of magnetooptic waveguide isolators . .... J-STQE Nov-Dec 02 1300-1306 Fault currents; cf. Leakage currents Feedback RGB LEDs for white .... Muthu, S., + , J-STQE Mar-Apr 02 333-338 Feedback; cf. Optical feedback Fiber lasers correction to…
  • 67.2: Line‐Scanned Laser Display Architectures Based on GEMS Technology: From Three‐Lens Three‐Chip Systems to Low‐Cost Optically Efficient Trilinear Systems
    …more compact systems, a traditional color- sequential approach could be employed where the RGB laser illumination beams .... It is therefore highly desirable to develop a trilinear system that combines the optical efficiency and image … plane of the projection lens system, (c) on-axis illumination through an optical isolator (waveplate and polarization…
  • Technical information technology 2
    …124 recursion 52 reservation station 178 reservation station 178 residual type-method 317 RGB color space 356 … transmission 212 215 asynchronous operating modes 213 line codes 216 synchronous 215 Setup of Time 4 Shifter 42, 62 Shuffle-Exchange network 114 safety 377 signal Skew 6, 195 silicone-on- insulator 376 SIMD 101 single … storing principle magnetomotorisch 262 optically 298 .
  • 44.4: RGB‐LED Backlights for LCD‐TVs with 0D, 1D, and 2D Adaptive Dimming
    In this paper, reduction of power consumption of an RGB -LED backlight unit having a dimming capability .... The unit is divided into 3x4 blocks by using 0.2mm-thick, white optical isolators .
  • A monolithic segmented functional light guide for 2‐D dimming LCD backlight
    The recessed optical isolators should produce an opti- mized cross-talk (for the sake of good-quality front-of- screen) to enhance the image, while limiting the viewing angle of the display. .... Shirai et al., “ RGB -LED backlights for LCD-TVs with 0D, 1D, and 2D adaptive dimming…
  • 39.2: High Contrast LCD TV Using Active Dynamic LED Backlight
    The control module generate the RGB color signals to the LED driver, which has a PWM control .... To simplify backlight module structure, we haven’t implemented the optical isolator between each group.
  • Content: physics in our time 6/2014
    299 Topological insulators . .... dust switches 266 photon Individual of Quantengrinsen of the Cheshire-cat 267 the optical transistor 268 ice .... 306 color mixture Color mixer 308 with RGB The white strip in the rainbow 308 year of…
  • Photonics
    polarization-maintaining, 183 single mode, 175, 182 SMR, 223 step-index, 173, 174 ZBLAN, 190 zero-dispersion wavelength, 182 Optical fiber sensors, 233 Optical isolator , 74, 188 Optical Kerr effect, 134, 209 Optical radar, 158, 227 Optical soliton, 213 Optical waveguides, 76 … 113 Reflectance, 31 metallic surface, 33 Reflection grating, 57 Resolving power, 54, 61 RGB color code, 222…
  • RGB optical parametric oscillator source for compact laser projection displays
    The RGB optical parametric oscillator design is shown schematically in Figure 3. .... chosen to reduce feedback in order to eliminate the need for an optical isolator between the pump…