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  • Shedding Light on Machine Vision (.pdf)
    To understand how important the right light can be for machine vision, try a simple experiment. Take a magazine outside on a sunny day and open it. The pages are easy to read. Tilt the magazine, though, and the glare can wash out everything. All that's different is the angle of illumination
  • Minimizing Spherical Aberration: Make the Right Lens Choice for Your Imaging System
    Even with sophisticated lens systems, it can be difficult to get an entire image in focus. With any spherical surface, light will bend differently depending where on the surface the light is passing through. In Figure 1 below, light is refracting at different angles, where the steeper the curve
  • Hot Sales Telescope Mirror Blanks
    Wedge Window With Integrated Lens Corner Cube Retroreflector Roof Prism Pyramid Optical/Tetrahedral Prism Octagon Light Guide Rod Penta Prism Light Guide Prism Dove Prism Right Angle Prism Rhomboid Prism Wedge Prism Beamsplitter Anamorphic Prism Powell Prism
  • Rapid Microbiological Methods for a New Generation
    stops this laser beam. If the air contains particles, they will scatter the laser beam and cause part of the light to deviate at an angle from the incident beam. This scattered light will be collected by the second lens and focused onto a photo detector, which converts the light intensity
  • Scaling New Heights in Aerodynamics Optimization: The 50:50:50 Method
    Aerodynamics development is all about trade-offs, striking the right balance between styling. needs and aerodynamic concerns. Nearly all major automotive and truck manufacturers use. computational fluid dynamics (CFD) during the development process to evaluate aerodynamic. drag of proposed vehicle