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  • A robot in every house
    the hardware and software, you supply a laptop PC. The unit comes unassembled or preassembled with extruded aluminum beams forming the main support structure. Software called the Robot Control Center runs on Windows 98 and up. Users can instruct the robot to respond to voice commands, take photographs
  • Shake hands with a robot
    short of the workpiece itself. If robots are to fully realize their potential, all movements from base to target should be programmable. Graspers allow just that. Graspers equipped with embedded software quickly and automatically conform to almost any part in any orientation. Graspers hold parts
  • Robot could steady surgeon's hand
    a three-dimensional view of the operating site while guiding the robot. The tools' movements are nimble, thanks to sophisticated software that can make up to 100 adjustments/sec. The steady-hand system was built to help with another challenging task: microsurgery. At this scale, even the best surgeons display
  • Air spring key to robot handler
    Custom actuators, pneumatic clamps, and seal software are among the topics covered in the pneumatics reference guide. A robotic arm developed by Luzenac America relies on air springs to grip and handle bags of talc. Designing a robotic arm to handle 50-lb packages of talc powder was an engineer's
  • How to Make a Robot Path in 10 Seconds
    Software that works inside CAD lets users design for manufacturing with robotics in mind. , a company based in Israel, Automation in the sense of computer- driven machinery has long been used either inside programmable controllers or PCs running inside machines, usually with dedicated displays. Yet
  • Uncle Sam to mobile robot makers: Don't reinvent the wheel
    for controls and payloads. RE2 Inc. is one of the robotics firms heavily engaged in JAUS work. A spin-off from Carnegie Mellon University, RE2 devised a software-development kit that promotes JAUS messaging. Among other things, it provides a message library of C/C++ functions to pack and unpack JAUS messages
  • Development in Machine Vision Software (.pdf)
    The team at Scorpion Vision Software has been working with the transition from 2D machine vision to 3D machine vision since 2006. Our goal is to make this transition transparent for the user. Scorpion Vision Software is a very flexible, rapid application development framework to create the most
  • Software Review: How to Program MINDSTORMS Robots
    layout make the program easy to learn. NXT-G keeps users interested in programming because it relates to real-life projects. Key to programming a robot is identifying your project's objective and what you want the robot to do. The software is a graphical language (unlike, say, C++) so users drag-and-drop

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