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  • Dust Collectors and Dust Collector Filters-Image
    Dust Collectors and Dust Collector Filters - (739 companies)
    Dust collectors are used in many processes to either recover valuable granular solid or powder from process streams or to remove granular solid pollutants from exhaust gases and work environments. Methods There are a number of different methods...
  • Mist Collectors-Image
    Mist Collectors - (316 companies)
    ...screens are used for heavier dust/grit from wet grinding. Metal mesh is used for most water-soluble mist. Polypropylene mesh is used for most straight oil mist. High efficiency 1st stage is used for oily smoke. Cartridge or media filter mist collectors...
    Fume and Smoke Collectors - (41 companies)
    Fume and smoke collectors remove very small particulates out of air which smoke and fumes are comprised of. The removal of these particulates is important for improving air quality and reducing unwanted odor. Fume and smoke collectors reduce...
    Wall Coatings - (120 companies)
    Wall coatings are decorative or protective layers that are applied to a building 's interior or exterior walls. They are viscous enough to avoid running and provide abrasion and environmental resistance. Wall coatings are decorative or protective...
  • Dust and Debris Control Products-Image
    Dust and Debris Control Products - (87 companies)
    Dust control products and debris control products protect equipment, valuable inventories and people from unacceptable or dangerous contamination. Dust control products and debris control products protect equipment, inventories and personnel from...
    Retaining Walls - (95 companies)
    Retaining walls are used to retain earth, prevent erosion, and create level surfaces in sloping areas. Types of Retaining Walls. Product types include poured concrete walls, gravity walls, cantilever retaining walls, gravity poured walls, gabions...
    Curtain Walls - (122 companies)
    Curtain walls are lightweight exterior cladding systems that attach to a building or structure, usually from floor to floor, to provide a fa cade. They modify the exterior appearance, but do not carry the dead load of the building or structure...
    Respirators and Dust Masks - (431 companies)
    Respirators and Dust Masks protect the wearer from inhalation of harmful contaminants. Respirators protect the wearer from inhalation of harmful contaminants, such as gases, vapors, or fumes. There are three different types of respirators...
    Mirror Mounts - (21 companies)
    Mirror mounts are used to hold and support mirrors of all sizes and shapes. Mirror mounting can be a very sophisticated device in optic research, due to the need to be able to tip and tilt the mirror by controlled amounts, while still holding...
    Laser Mounts - (15 companies)
    Laser mounts are devices that keep a laser in position on an optical table. Laser mounts are devices that keep the optical components of a lens in position. There are many different types of products. Types. Cylindrical laser mounts provide accurate...

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  • Medical technology
    Adell R., Lekholm U., Rockler B. A 15-year study of, Bränemark P.-I., osseointegrated im-18 .... Anthofer T., influence of the wall thickness of extended cavities on crack formation in the Zahnhart-17. .... the socket of chemical components of breast implants of silicone gel is listed in following table 90.1. .... As filter dusts and contained heavy metals leachable to slags, e.g. in form of salts, they .... On the searching for partners for an European liver perfusion project, collector , then director set Siess Rolf…
  • Stell & Maran's Textbook of Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology
    The lymphatics fluid flows mostly via collectors into the lymph nodes of levels II and III. .... The lymphatic drainage of the posterior pharyngeal wall occurs mainly first into the retropharyngeal lymph nodes, and .... This can be overcome by mounting the specimen on an organic mount which can be subsequently sectioned. .... Once this has dried, it is dusted with starch powder, and the patient given a lemon sweet. .... Adell R, Lekholm U, Rockler B, Branemark P-I.
  • Medical technology Life Science Engineering
    Semlitsch M. Weber H. Development of a vital high-strength titanium-alumini-47, dust F.. .... The tool temperature is normally at 20 ° C at thick molding partial walls at 5 ° .... A cylinder collector B disc collector. .... After glueing of material samples between two supports , takes place a train or shear stress of samples .... Adell R., Lekholm U., Rockler B. A 15-year study of, Bränemark P.-I., osseointegrated im-18…
  • Regenerative Medicine
    Adark spermatogonia have a discoid nucleus containing a deeply stained dust -like chromatin and a cavity with .... Interestingly, small blood vessels running near the tubule wall or patches of Leydig cells determine the size .... However, mounting evidence indicates that the described adherent cell populations are highly heterogeneous and actually consist of .... Exp Cell Res 10:33–41 Adell R, Lekholm U, Rockler B, Brånemark P-I (1981) A 15 .... Nat Med 7:430–436 Krause DS, Theise ND, Collector MI, Henegariu O, Hwang S, Gardner R, Neutzel…
  • Advanced Biomaterials: Fundamentals Processing and Applications
    It has been speculated that the effects of nanotubes on lungs are more toxic than quartz dust . .... Branemark, P. I., Adell, R., Albrektsson, T., Lekholm, U., Lundkvist, S. and Rockler , B.,. .... Injectable nanocomposites of single- walled carbon nanotubes and biodegradable. .... reservoir for holding the polymer solution, capillary/needle, high voltage power supply, grounded metallic collector (plate/mandrel), and a .... The counter electrode is mounted inside a rotating mandrel/drum.