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  • Noise Curves
    Noise curves specify the acoustic ambient noise in an indoor environment. The unoccupied room is measured to produce a single maximum value across the complete sound spectrum. This value is used to determine if the ambient noise will be annoying to people occupying the room. The value also
  • Studio Acoustics 101: It's the Room (.pdf)
    This article was written for the September 2008 issue of Radio World and reprinted in their 2009 Sourcebook. Moving from a world class recording facility, where noise control and acoustics were extremely good, to a residential project studio, with everyday noise and limited space, presents
  • Keep that noise down!
    Pressure-sensitive adhesives provide an economical way to control noise and vibration. Appliances, such as refrigerators and computers use pressure-sensitive adhesives to control noise. Foam sound absorbers disrupt sound waves and absorb vibrating air molecules. Sound barriers block sound waves
  • Coast Guard planes to get a room with a view
    like to install a window that is about 4 X 3.5 ft. The problem: "It could increase the noise and vibration inside the aircraft to dangerous levels, making it difficult for rescuers to complete their missions, " said Purdue Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Douglas E. Adams. Purdue engineers
  • Whole lot of shakin' goin' on
    ), which can provide image resolution of 1 nm in theory. In practice, external noise often makes this resolution impractical. Shrinking design rules and nanometer-size defects force equipment designers to focus on the impact that clean-room noise has on the tool. Common clean-room noise sources include
  • Creating a Home Recording Environment (.pdf)
    This article from the August 2004 issue of Singer Magazine discusses the noise isolation and sound shaping concerns for studios. Recording environments in large, dedicated facilities as well as in-home project studios have the same basic requirements to control sound and eliminate noise. A room
  • Acoustics Then and Now (.pdf)
    This article was written for the November, 1999 issue of ProSoundNews. It traces growth in awareness of acoustics from our first showing anechoic wedge foam at AES New York in 1979 through the following two decades. The article travels from room deadening by sound absorption through noise barrier
  • 2007 Toyota Tundra 4X4
    outside mirrors, there 's practically no road or wind noise. The interior knobs and switches are big and simple to operate. They are specifically designed for somebody wearing bulky work gloves. Our Double Cabbed review vehicle had room
  • From Start to Finish - Safe and Sound Acoustics (.pdf)
    This was written at the request of Facility Safety Management for their December 2005 issue. Noise control is essential to hearing preservation and speech intelligibility in safety systems. Heavy mass materials prevent sound from entering or escaping an area while light porous materials reduce room
  • Bearings Don't Like Particles
    problems. To prevent such problems, we use a class 1,000 clean room throughout our bearing assembly operation. "Keeping bearings clean" is the most important rule of bearing use. Avoid exposing bearings to any environment where particles may be present. Once inside a bearing, such particles can cause
  • More than a lubricant
    Damping greases control noise and reduce wear. Appliance manufacturers use damping greases on hand-operated controls and timer motors. When faced with the challenge of reducing cost without sacrificing quality, damping grease can be a useful tool in a design engineer's bag of tricks. Damping
  • AN506 ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989 Transient Specification
    Industrial equipment located in the "field" is exposed to electrical noise, power surges, and transient events such as static discharge or lightning strikes. One of the functions of the Dataforth line of signal conditioning products is the protection of control room equipment from these hazardous

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