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  • Optical Encoder Disks and Strips-Image
    Optical Encoder Disks and Strips - (22 companies)
    Optical encoder disks and strips are components of rotary and linear encoders, respectively. They are usually made of metal, plastic, glass, or paper. Optical encoder disks and strips have evenly-spaced holes or markings around their perimeter...
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    Rotary Encoders - (451 companies)
    ...shafts. Technology. Mechanical. Mechanical rotary encoders consist of a metal disc with a ring of cut-out openings as well as a row of sliding contacts fixed to a stationary object. The metal disc is attached to a rotating shaft, and each stationary...
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  • Logic Encoders-Image
    Logic Encoders - (66 companies)
    ...on the disc into electronic signals, which are then amplified and converted. Common outputs for logic encoders include binary code, binary coded decimal (BCD), decimal-to-BCD, and octal-to-binary. Input and output lines are available in increments of two...
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  • Rotary Tables-Image
    Rotary Tables - (233 companies)
    Rotary tables are used to position items so that they can be machined, worked, or assembled. Rotary tables are used for precision metalworking. They are typically made with a solid base that can be clamped on to another fixture. The table is a disc...
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  • Optical Linear Encoders-Image
    Optical Linear Encoders - (40 companies)
    Optical linear encoders use fiber optic technology to sense position and displacement. Optical linear encoders use fiber optic technology to sense position, displacement, and vibration. Optical linear encoders are flexible strands of glass...
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    Stepper Motors (rotary) - (413 companies)
    ...motors do not require the use of encoders or other position feedback devices in order to function. Since a whole step is a uniform and repeatable distance (typically 1.8 ), the controller assumes the position of the rotor based on the specified number...
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    Wheels - (369 companies)
    Description. Wheels are solid discs or rigid circular rings that attach to assemblies such as casters to allow movement. They are connected to a hub and designed to turn around an axle. Types. There are several types of industrial wheels. V-grooved...
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    Incremental Rotary Encoders - (383 companies)
    Incremental rotary encoders are multi-turn sensors that use optical, mechanical, or magnetic index-counting for angular measurement. They contain no absolute reference, but instead count relative to the turn-on position. Incremental rotary encoders...
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    Absolute Rotary Encoders - (288 companies)
    Absolute rotary encoders use optical, mechanical, or magnetic indexing for angular measurement. They do not lose their position after power-down, but instead provide absolute position upon power-up without requiring a home cycle or any shaft...
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    Manual Pulse Generators - (30 companies)
    ...into a position data code. A comparison of a magnetic and optical encoder mechanism. Image credit: Astec Corporation, Ltd. Mechanical. Mechanical rotary encoders consist of a metal disc with a ring of cut-out openings as well as a row of sliding contacts fixed...
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    … equipment support Woco Valve seats Federal-Mogul Exhaust gas actuator pv Siemens x Valve springs Muhr + Bender Flanges for differential ThyssenKrupp V-ribbed-belt Contitech CHASSIS ABS magnetic encoder Hutchinson/Paulstra Hytrel boots CF … … ThyssenKrupp Rautenbach Rear brake discs Fritz Winter Crossmember Kirchhoff … … control unit Hella Reception systems Delphi Crank- or camshaft sensor AB Elektronik Werne Rotary light switch TRW … … Air condition compressor Denso Mount for additional heater tier 2 Dometic GmbH Air distributors Olho Technik, Oleff …
  • Absolute Encoder
    … which transmits the movement of its master disc to a series of slave discs for shaft revolutions … Product Home Contact/Sales Distributor /Reps Company Catalog Save Saved E6C3-A - Encoder Absolute Rotary 8mm Stainless Steel Shaft - Water Resistant .
  • Spray and Combustion Development in a Four-Valve Optical DI Diesel Engine
    The ring-type cam used in this injection pump allows much higher injection pressures than conventional rotary pumps having a disc -type cam. One of the operating characteristics of distributor -type pumps is that the injection pressure increases with increasing … … through a pulse generator adjusting the triggered pulse per cycle given by the encoder that is installed …
    … friction on the order of 1-1.2 N-m, according to the distributor ; this value is … … frameless version of the D083 DDR, called the F5732, will be used for all three rotary motors. … ball bearings) can withstand the maximum applied moment loads and so that an encoder that is compatible … … the outer ring to be able to determine its position absolutely once the disc moves about 10 …
  • Spectrometer
    … for Determination of Contaminants in Gas Turbine and Diesel Engine Fuel by Rotating Disc Electrode Atomic Emission … Product Home Contact/Sales Distributor /Reps Company Catalog Save Saved The Turbo FT is a patented, rotary scan interferometer which can achieve scan rates of 10-1000 … • Encoder Test .
  • Intermediate Robotics: Shaft Encoder
    Browse by:Manufacturers| Distributors |Consultants Intermediate Robotics: Shaft Encoder Functional principle of a rotary encoder by Richard Hewitt. It consists of a disc , a light source and a photo detector array that reads the optical …
  • Handbook of Modern Sensors
    In practice, the IMC layer may have various shapes: bars, discs , hexagons, etc., while its thickness is … An example of such a device is an automobile distributor . … linear and angular sensing of position, precision angular encoding, and even to make a programmable rotary switch. … or thread is wound up on a drum that is coaxially connected to a magnetic rotary encoder .
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  • PDF - Chicony Edge (MSU1175)
    Total Retailer / Distributor Overhead + Margin Rotary Encoder , 24-Position, Vertical, w/ Metal Housing Ceramic Disc , Radial, Dipped, 100nF .