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  • Torque Sensor Application - Prosthetic Limbs
    Sensors and transducers have been very instrumental in the development of prosthetic devices. They allow prosthetic devices to closely mimic human limbs. In the example below, a smart/digital torque transducer in line with a stepper motor is providing torque & position feedback to an electronic
  • Finding the right sensor for linear displacement
    outage as before. Conversely, incremental sensors, such as encoders, cannot make meaningful measurements after power outages until they are rezeroed or returned to a "home" position. Although most of the sensing technologies discussed here can be used in rotary and angular-position sensing, we
  • Industrial encoder integrates bearing and sensor functions
    for automotive ABS applications, eliminates the need for an extra gear-tooth sensor or rotary-pulse generator. Simple bolt-on installation requires no extra brackets or couplings, and the air gap reportedly can't go out of adjustment. The sensors are built on Fafnir Survivor PT bearing platforms, which
  • Closed-loop Motor Control: An Introduction To Rotary Resolvers And Encoders
    ), a satellite (positions satellite to lock on to a specific signal), or factory floor machinery (a pick-and-place machine), the position feedback sensor is an intrinsic element in the total motor-control system. There are many types of motor control, but this article discusses two that implement an analog
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Encoder Sensing Technologies, Motion Detection Theory and Methods, and Signal Output Styles
    Encoders are used to determine the position, velocity and direction of a motor shaft or other mechanical motion. They provide information required for the precise control of a variety of applications, such as positioning a rotary table, pick and place, machine assembly, packaging, robotics and more
  • Analog sensing
    Sometimes standard inductive proximity sensors simply don't cut it. Linear analog sensors detect cam lobes and other odd-shaped targets in their sensing area with twice the accuracy of standard inductive proximity sensors. An example is the sensing of a rotary cam position. The oblong shape
  • Telescope Positioning Using Tiltmeters
    Accurately positioning large and small telescopes. has always been a difficult problem. Jewell. Instruments precision tiltmeters provide a simple. and effective solution. Tiltmeters are unlike. conventional systems that measure telescope. position using rotary encoders coupled to the. telescope
  • No problem with noncontacting sensors
    Invensys Sensor Systems, El Paso, Tex., (Clarostat Div.) has developed a rotary Hall-effect position sensor, the HRS100, that cuts cost by integrating all compensation circuitry into a single factory-programmed sensor ASIC. Resistive potentiometers or "pots " have long been used for rotary position

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