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  • Adapted Application Solution
    A major global technology company was developing components to support wide-area Wi-Max wireless broadband networks. Their system included a Wi-Fi router to be installed on existing assets such as street lights and light poles. They needed weatherproof cable & connector to route 100-volt power
  • Guide Sensor : Analog/Step Analog type
    a route selection. function (straight, right or left) at a junction. By inputting branch. selections signal the analog voltage (DEVIATION OUT) shifts. upward or downward according to the instruction signal. Gate. signal (GATE OUT) indicating a controllable area is simultaneously. output.
  • Controlled Release Moves Beyond Patent Extension
    release (CR) provides a straightforward route to new products with reduced toxicity and side effects, more desirable pharmacokinetics and better patient compliance. Until recently, CR was viewed primarily as a lifecycle management tool, which some observers unjustly criticized as mere gaming
  • Sharing Network Resources
    devices linked together using some form of communications equipment. They are linked together so they can share software, hardware, and information. A group of network computers physically linked at the same location form a ). A group of LANs linked over a wide area, such as across a state, form
  • Smart Computing Article - Get Connected With Networks
    at the same location form a ). A group of LANs linked over a wide area, such as across a state, form a For the single home PC connected only with the Internet, the most obvious piece of communications equipment is the computer modem. Yet in settings where there are larger numbers of computers
  • Patton 2800 Solutions - Enterprise Networking
    Angeles and Boston branch offices. Because these telecommuters are calling local phone numbers, the company is spared the long distance charges associated with distant telecommuters dialing directly into the corporate headquarters (New York). The two branch office 2800s then route telecommuter