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  • A distributed rectifier testing system based on RS-485
    S2-485, a standard RS - 232/485 converter chip , is used between the PC and the RS-485 interface .
  • An in-site system based-on ARM of faults diagnostic with the amplitude recovery method
    It has a system-on- chip CPU of 166MHz with AMI BIOS, onboard SDRAM of 128MB, VGA interface support, Flash disk support, and etc.. Among its rich I/O interfaces are an enhanced IDE port, a RS-232 port, a RS - 232/485 port, a Parallel port, two USB ports (Ver. 1.1) and one 10/100Mbps Ethernet port.
  • Development and Research on Embedded Control System for Intelligent Mobile Robot
    There are three RS-232 interfaces, one RS - 232/485 interface , two USB interfaces and one parallel interface in the controller, with small volume, light weight and abundance of functions. 2) In the expand module, two 8255 chips are adopted in order to make up the scarcity …
  • Electrical Information and Mechatronics and Applications
    Its high 5 bit address AB3~AB7 is taken as a select chip signal, when all is 0 … The other side of microprocessor is connected to intelligent circuit breakers with Modbus interface , which take RS - 232/485 as the physical layer, so 4-pin RJ-45 is adopted.
  • The design and implementation of a two-dimension motion platform for track reappearance
    About communication, the motion controller can communicate with other devices via RS - 232/485 and CAN bus. So it’s selected as the main control chip to control the movement of motor. … the motion platform which can play translational and vertical movement, two servo drive interfaces are used to …
  • Smart Sensors and MEMS
    The monolithic sensor provides enhanced features that typically were implemented off the chip (or not at all … A specially developed digital communication interface permits the calibration of the individual sensor module via connector pins … There are many different manufacturers on the modern sensor market who are producing pressure sensors and transducers with accuracy range from 1 % FS up to 0.01 % FS, frequency, digital output ( RS - 232/485 , IEEE-488) and bus capabilities (CANbus, Modbus …
  • Machinery Electronics and Control Engineering II
    The chip with advantage of highest frequency up to 400 MHz, low cost, low power-consumption and … In addition, the ARM module also includes JTAG debugging interface , reset circuit, communication interface, man-machine interface … Communication interface is designed in strict accordance with the IEC-61850 standard, including RS - 232/485 interfaces, Ethernet interface and wireless communication interface.
  • New products
    Protek announces the Model P6000 Programmable DC Power Supply featuring an RS 232/485 interface for PC or front panel keyboard program entry. Chip Packaging Toolkit .
  • Embedded vision engines offer choice of Windows CE or embedded NT
    Communication with a remote host or application is supported through a high-speed, 100Base-T Ethernet link or via standard RS - 232/485 serial ports. A high performance, built-in frame grabber interfaces with a variety of standard and non-standard cameras … … be configured for NT with a 6GB hard drive or embedded NT with a disk-on- chip .
  • Data Acquisition and Signal Processing for Smart Sensors
    Many microcontrollers include the two-wire I2 C bus interface, which is suited for communication over short distances (several metres) [9] or the serial interface RS - 232/485 for communication over relatively long distances. … sensor and electronics and the fabri- cation of complete data acquisition systems on a single silicon chip .