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  • A design of embedded dmx512 controller using FPGA and XILKernel
    Figure 10 shows the DMX signal from the FPGA, which is the signal before passing through the opto - isolator . .... Figure 11 shows the signal from differential line driver IC ( RS485 signal).
  • Universal RT-middleware robot controller
    RS485 expansion (a) bus and (b) module concepts. .... has only field power side as the inputs from the field are only simple opto -coupler inputs. .... These types are optical isolator , DAC module, differential line driver, and a breakout for simple terminal connection.
  • Optocouplers in Industrial Communications - white paper
    …integrity, optocouplers are used on interface cards from slow RS232 or CANbus to high speed RS485 interfaces. .... Requirements for isolators are often expressed in “speed” or “MBd”. .... Established isolators in the market such as opto / magnetic or capacitive couplers do provide a PWD…
  • Optoelectronics Engineering and Information Technologies in Industry
    …system of lighting control to effectively solve insufficiency of other bus, such as, RS-232 and RS485 . .... is mainly made up of SJA1000 controller and TJA1050 transceiver which are connected through optical isolator 6N137. .... Opto TRIAC .
  • A new simulator laboratory for research and development of VSC HVDC topologies and control algorithms
    On the VSC Simulator the communication is via ribbon cables with voltage isolation provided by opto - isolators on each power module. .... The communication with the central control system is done via bi-directional RS485 .
  • CR4 - Thread: Input Impedance
    Pullup resistors are useful for a variety of purposes, such as detecting closed switches, receiving open-collector opto - isolator signals, or fault outputs from power-driver ICs, for use with wired-OR logic, etc. .... Previous in Forum: Where Can I Get RS232 to RS485 Converter in Phnom Penh?
  • Deep sea hammer corer
    TTL drivers from a processor card drive, through opto - isolators , MOSFET power transistors mounted on the solenoid driver card, to control the valve solenoids. .... 70m), autonomous and semi-intelligent, communicatingtheir data to the subsea microprocessor though an RS485 serial communication link.
    2 RS485 + 2 Power. .... The analog isolator uses the HCN2000 opto -isolator.
  • Intelligent instrumentation
    …EPROM space, a 40 x 4 LCD port and an interface to an RS485 multi- drop network. .... serial infor- mation from a host computer in a predefined format, which is opto -isolated and interpreted … is based on a serial bus, the vast numbers of buffers and opto- isolators inherent in a…
  • Development of an Advanced Electrical System for a Solar Powered Racing Vehicle with an Emphasis on the Battery Protection and Management System APPROVED BY SU...
    One option would be a common bus, such as a CAN or RS485 . .... The outputs of each comparator would be summed together and coupled via an opto - isolator to the temperature/current system.