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  • Handbook of Antenna Design, Vol. 2
    The majority of large HF antennas use horizontal polarisation for this reason. .... polarisation, or polarisation in the plane of incidence, the complex voltage reflection coefficient Rv of the ground…
  • Analysis of electromagnetic wave propagation characteristics in rotating environments
    The receiver with HF receiving antenna moves with translating velocity. .... Rv and receives radio signal from the rotating transmitter, whose rotating velocity is .
  • MiG (Mikoyan) MiG-25
    …63 transponder; SRZO-2 (NATO 'Odd Rods') IFF, and SOD-57M ATC/SIF, with antennas in starboard fin .... RSB-70/RPS HF , R-832M VHF-UHF; R-831 UHF communications equipment; RSBN-6S short-range nav; SP-50 (NATO 'Swift Rod') ILS; MRP-56P marker beacon receiver, RV -UM or RV-4 radio altimeter, and ARK-10 radio compass.
  • Antonov An-12 radar jamming variants
    …Frequency (HF - 3 to 30 MHz) communications radio transmitter and associated RPS receiver the ARK-5 ADF the AVRA-45 emergency radio the Gheliy (Helium), Neon or RSB HF radio the K-3 … GHz) command radio the RV -2 Kristall (Crystal) radio … the first being characterised by two ventrally mounted, hemispherical radomes and a blade antenna array above and…
  • Device Therapy in Advanced Heart Failure: What to Put In and What to Turn Off
    The study, however, did not find a sig- nificant difference in the primary effi- cacy end point of reduction in HF events (defined as hospitalizations or emergency or urgent … therapy), with a 21% reduc- tion in the RV sensor group compared with … monitoring sys- tem consists of an implantable sensor lead coupled with a subcutaneous antenna coil, a patient…
  • A threshold-based opportunistic MAC protocol for MIMO wireless sensor networks
    rv . .... Accordingly, the received signal at the mth antenna of the CN is expressed as. .... t�(n) = ( hf ,maf)sf(n)+z�(n).
  • Practical Antenna Handbook, Fifth Edition > Vertically Polarized Antennas
    …so that service began with horizontal polarization as the standard, today's video-equipped RVs and limousines notwithstanding. .... horizontal and vertical polarization, in recognition of the fact that substantial numbers of antennas in both "flavors" .... On the HF bands there is generally a 6-dB ground reflection advantage at each end of…
  • Implantable Cardiovascular Sensors and Computers: Interventional Heart Failure Strategies
    This study, however, did not find a significant difference in the primary efficacy endpoint of reduction in HF events (defined as hospi- talizations, emergency or urgent care … nous therapy) with a 21 % reduction in the RV sensor group compared with … LAP monitoring system consists of an implantable sensor lead coupled with a subcutaneous antenna coil, a patient…
  • Polarization effects on the modeling of antenna transfer function in HF communication
    The coefficients. Rv . .... (20) RG are functions of ng and antenna height h. .... the ground effects on the signal amplitude. at the reception site of the HF antenna include DOA…
  • Energy optimization across training and data for multiuser minimum sum-MSE linear precoding
    …are training symbols which the mobile receivers use to estimate the downlink channel, Hf /; these imperfect … and an independent additive error term, H, = H k + Ek with vec(Ek) rv CN(o, a … uncorrelated channel coefficients by considering training for vector channels from the M transmit antennas to each individual…